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Welcome to our gallery of Colombian escorts.

Not unlike the Brazilian girls in London we represent, these South American beauties are always popular. We are uncertain whether it is the Amazonian goddess looks, or the innate passion these women seem to have an endless supply of. When it comes to looks, most men would agree that Latin American women certainly have to rank high on their list. Some Colombian woman are black, some are just beautifully olive-skinned, but they all have a wonderful tone. And speaking of tone, you could also look at this when you consider their body shapes.

Colombian escorts, much the same as other South American women like Argentinian girls for example, all have very pronounced female features. We are talking about their fabulous rounded butts and those lovely boobs. Most Colombian girls have nice big boobs. Well, most of those that have entered into the London escort business anyway. When you put these marvellous features on a pretty face and a well proportioned body, you have the opportunity for a wonderful experience.


Colombia is a beautiful part of the world. Not only is the climate wonderful for those of you used to colder places (like the UK for example). Depending on whereabouts you stay in Colombia, you have the choice of a more authentic jungle to tour around, or you can stay in one of the cities. Bogota is the obvious choice that springs to mind. There’s plenty to do here, and some lovely women too. But be careful when you are approaching them, especially if they are standing on the street wearing very little. Odds are you have found yourself a Colombian prostitute. These girls are not true representations of Colombian women

Some people do not feel safe in Colombia, but again this is mostly down to where you choose to stay. If you are in the right part of town, you’re not going to get into any trouble. There are problems just like any South American country in this respect, but you cannot get all your preconceptions of a place based upon the stories about Pablo Escobar and people like him. Whilst the cocaine trade is more than likely still well and truly alive in Colombia, it is not the same as it was. Lucky for you that you do not have to go to Colombia to find the most beautiful and highly available Colombian women

Colombian women

It’s amazing how many people who book Colombian girls, do not actually know anything about them. These Latin lovelies are far removed from the British and many European women in London. It will come as no surprise to learn that, owing to their lovely shape, Colombian women are very feminine. But they are not just feminine in appearance, they are feminine in attitudes and personality too. They are well aware of their man’s desire for them to be submissive to them, and they can turn on their charms in the blink of an eye. This also translates in the way they dress too. A Colombian girl can always accentuate her natural curves!

In relationships you will find most South American women to be quite traditional. This is particularly so for Colombian women. They are happy to keep a nice home, they make excellent cooks and they are very family driven and loyal. However, in return for this commitment, they expect much from their men. Colombian women are attracted to wealthy and powerful men above all others.

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31st May 2024

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