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Here you will find all the escort reviews we have at Babylon Girls.
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The importance of reviews

we really can’t emphasise enough just how important reviews are to everyone at Babylon Girls. It’s like anything else in life that you purchase, whether it’s goods or services. Basically, everyone looks at the reviews if they are there. How many times have you been put off putting something in your cart when you’re on Amazon, just because there are a few one star reviews? We’re betting that many of you have done this. The same can be said for escorts all over Central London. The power of your review is incredible.

It’s for this reason that we plead with you to be honest at all times. Even if your review is not a good one, it’s important to let others know the experience you had was not what you expected. This actually makes it easier for us in many ways. There are always plenty of girls who want to work as a London escort, and we would much rather have those that are good at their jobs than those that would abuse it just to make money. Believe us when we say, if we see too much negative feedback on a girl’s profile, we will no longer choose to represent her.

Review complaints from girls

We take all complaints seriously here at Babylon Girls, no matter what they are about. And the same can be said for the reviewing process. There are two main complaints that we get when it comes to reviews. The first is from the girls. They will sometimes complain to us if they get negative reviews and we choose to publish them. It’s worth noting at this point that we will always publish negative feedback (if it’s warranted – but we’ll come to that in a moment). In the event that one of our beautiful young ladies comes to us with a complaint, if possible we will try to resolve what exactly happened before we make a judgement. In most cases the review will stand, but there are times when a client has been especially cruel in leaving very negative feedback for no real reason.

Review complaints from clients

This is where we need to tread very carefully indeed. We never want to alienate our clients. Especially if they are good clients. But good clients or not, we will always review complaints. By far the most common complaint we get is that the whole review is not published, or we have changed it. There is a good reason for this. At Babylon Girls, we have a policy that prevents us from writing anything obscene on the website, or any sexual comments. We do not wish to be associated with the goings on between a client and their escort, and certainly do not need graphic details should anything like that have happened. So we sometimes paraphrase a review in order to allow its publication. It is important that you understand that we do want to publish your reviews, but there are some guidelines on every girl profile that discourage inappropriate content.

Finally, we are sad to report that sometimes clients will leave negative feedback deliberately because they were upset by something the escort decided she did not want to do, or the client was perhaps not in full control of their senses. We absolutely refuse to publish reviews that complain about girls refusing to do this and that with a client. These things should be discussed at the beginning of the meeting, and if the client is not satisfied, they should part company without exchanging any money. There are exceptions to this of course, and each case it looked at individually. But you must understand that the girls at Babylon Girls are not slaves, or robots. They are not here to do your every bidding, regardless of whether you are paying them or not. Escorts should be treated with the utmost respect at all times.

You can also visit our gallery of Top Reviewed Girls at Babylon Girls. This gallery speaks for itself of course, these are the girls with the most reviews. It’s always a safe bet booking one of these lovely ladies!

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post date Apr 2024


"Waw she is great…" .. James

post date Apr 2024


"Tatiana is Exquisite! Thanks." .. Punter

post date Apr 2024


"Amazing time with Jessany. Absolutely amazing. She’s gorgeous and her work rate is superb. Made me feel comfortable and I will be back to visit her for sure." .. Marcus

post date Apr 2024


"Very professional and classy woman. Full of laughs and joy and very sexy! Seen her many times and will continue to!" .. Henry

LooksDaria looks ratings Performance Daria performance ratingsView Daria's Reviews (1) »
post date Apr 2024


"Heaven is missing an angel" .. Paul

LooksMina looks ratings Performance Mina performance ratingsView Mina's Reviews (4) »
post date Apr 2024


"I had a fantastic time. She is really receptive, warm and very very hot." .. Bombay

post date Apr 2024


"High class Absolutely amazing girl. Looks exactly like her pictures and a really genuine girl. She performs to your every command and wish. A dream come true for me. Definitely worth a every penny :)" .. Alex

post date Mar 2024


"I had a great time with Clody, she is beautiful, smart , has the most amazing body, amazing experience with her!" .. David

LooksClody looks ratings Performance Clody performance ratingsView Clody's Reviews (1) »
post date Mar 2024


"Amazing experience with Banks. Her body, boobs and smile is better than pictures. She knows her stuff and she has multiple skills. I lost track of time with her. Would love to visit her again." .. SS

LooksBanks looks ratings Performance Banks performance ratingsView Banks's Reviews (3) »
post date Mar 2024


"Very easy process. Worth every penny spent. It was not rushed. Felt very personal with Agatha" .. Matthew

post date Mar 2024


"More Busty and curvy then the picture But more beautiful , she got Amazing ass , natural , Could t explain ,and very Tanned Love her busty body" .. N

post date Mar 2024


"I saw Ysabella at my hotel for two hours. I really had a great time. Beautiful girl, naughty mind. She exceeded all expectations in every way." .. Eric

post date Mar 2024


"Adelia was incredible she was a great companion very fun and playful and sexy as fuck too, her curves are amazing too will definitely be seeing her again. " .. Yate

post date Mar 2024


"Regina is a fantastic girl - stunning beautiful with such a wonderful personality. She is such a pleasure to be with and I cannot fault her in any way." .. Laz

post date Mar 2024


"Maitte was better than expected she was very welcoming right from the start and made me feel very welcomed and relaxed, the conversion flowed very well and she was very fun and skilled too a complete package. " .. warton

post date Mar 2024


"Hollis was a beautiful hostess she was as beautiful as in her pictures and gave me a incredible time with her. " .. Yian

post date Mar 2024


"beautiful young girl with a very energetic and playful personality booked her for a whole hour and she did not disappoint. " .. Ethan

LooksRikki looks ratings Performance Rikki performance ratingsView Rikki's Reviews (9) »
post date Mar 2024


"Veeda was a lovely companion, very playful passionate and engaging and what a body! will be definitely seeing her again soon." .. Yar

LooksVeeda looks ratings Performance Veeda performance ratingsView Veeda's Reviews (5) »
post date Mar 2024


"if you like petite busty blondes look no further, very friendly and welcoming with good service especially 69." .. J Boy

LooksAlice looks ratings Performance Alice performance ratingsView Alice's Reviews (3) »
post date Mar 2024


"Outstanding and really lovely personality. And absolutely gorgeous: a true little gem! Had a super time with her, and hope to repeat it very soon." .. David

post date Mar 2024


"Better than in the photos (if you like the typical the girl next door). Fun to be with. Good conversationist. Sexy body, smell so good and great personality. Thank you Kylie." .. G

post date Mar 2024


"I had an amazing time with Zircona. She’s a natural beautify with a beautiful smile and gorgeous body. She was easy to talk to and we had a great connection. And her skills were everything I could hope for." .. James

post date Feb 2024


"The best experience. When I opened the door I didn't know what to say. It's perfect . Her English is perfect, she is so beautiful, so smart. I fell in love. Although I left London, my mind is still there" .. McCallum

post date Feb 2024


"Cute girl, very good service." .. David

LooksNona looks ratings Performance Nona performance ratingsView Nona's Reviews (3) »
post date Feb 2024


"Beautiful, sexy, and amazing lady. Would definitely love to see Mosaic again." .. John Doe

post date Feb 2024


"Miranda met me in the requested uniform with a welcoming smile and kiss and proceeded to do the lap dance and striptease that I asked for in the booking..She asked what I wanted and everything possible that I wanted was provided to a very high level. What is there not to like about Miranda with a lovely personaility (we also chatted for ages), beautiful eyes and smile and the most amazing body (wow those huge breasts) much better than the pics in person - highly recommended will visit again." .. Dave

post date Feb 2024


"Anwen was as beautiful as the pictures and was a excellent host very fun, engaging and playful would definitely recommend her." .. Yatan

post date Feb 2024


"Great girl she is as beautiful as she is in the pictures and really knows how to give pleasure and she is very skilled and naughty I loved my time with her and would definitely repeat the experience." .. Trevs

post date Feb 2024


"Edna was a amazing company for a whole two hours she was just like a real girlfriend very passionate and sweet and very attentive, she looked great too which definitely was a plus." .. Harton

LooksEdna looks ratings Performance Edna performance ratingsView Edna's Reviews (33) »
post date Feb 2024


"Awesome, thanks" .. Calvino

post date Feb 2024


"Lexxi was wonderful she was just like I was expecting her to be, very sweet, playful and incredibly sexy to definitely worth visiting again." ..

post date Feb 2024


"Best two hours I had with a girl in a whole while, Narcissa was a lovely sweet and engaging companion with the complete package look wise." .. Usian

post date Feb 2024


"Miriam is the kind of girl I would definitely not lose the opportunity to be with, I mean she is absolutely stunning and has one of the most passionate and genuine personalities I had the pleasure to meet. " .. Bafors

post date Feb 2024


"Aysel was stunning hot looked just like in her pictures, curvy where it needs to be and her gentle and sweet personality was heavenly for me. " .. Barti

LooksAysel looks ratings Performance Aysel performance ratingsView Aysel's Reviews (2) »
post date Feb 2024


"Incredible companion with a very genuine, sweet and playful personality very energetic and incredibly beautiful a real gem!" .. Austin

LooksYaren looks ratings Performance Yaren performance ratingsView Yaren's Reviews (9) »
post date Feb 2024


"Amedeea is one of those girls that leave a great first impression, she was everything I was looking for a beautiful brunette with a sweet and warm attitude and she provided incredible services. " .. Baltimor

post date Feb 2024


"Clary was a lovely companion for the night and ended up being way more than I was expecting, her personality so caring and warm was definitely the epitome of the night." .. Audins

post date Feb 2024


"Beautiful inside and out..Very sweet and friendly.. totally worth it.." .. Mitch

post date Feb 2024


"Amazing energy ! Sevda is very beautiful ! The pictures don’t do it justice .very friendly and really hot . Highly recommended. It was lovely meeting you xx" .. Hus

LooksSevda looks ratings Performance Sevda performance ratingsView Sevda's Reviews (7) »
post date Feb 2024


"Karina's captivating charm and radiant smile light up any room, creating unforgettable memories. Her impeccable service ensures that every encounter feels magical, with a caring and friendly demeanor that makes you truly comfortable. Karina's playful attitude and skillful touch leave you wanting more, making every moment with her fun and exciting. Can't wait to see her again." .. Jonathan

post date Feb 2024


"What a girl...super, sexy, sophisticated i am running out of superlatives. Full service and genuine sweetheart I will see as my regular GFE after she is back from her Birthday. ~ Take care sweetheart" .. James

LooksLucia looks ratings Performance Lucia performance ratingsView Lucia's Reviews (6) »
post date Jan 2024


"Karma was really wonderful she was a very entertaining companion with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for her career here, not to say how she´s got a steaming hot body." .. Baldo

LooksKarma looks ratings Performance Karma performance ratingsView Karma's Reviews (4) »
post date Jan 2024


"Inessia was a real sweetheart, she was fun and gentle the services were incredible she has a lot of skill and passion and looks just amazing. " .. Terry

post date Jan 2024


"Lovely companion Groove is a stunning girl with the right attitude, she has a passionate and engaging personality time her with her was amazing and worth repeating. " .. Nadir

post date Jan 2024


"Megan was a wonderful companion , very passionate and engaging didn't rush to finish the services and demonstrated so much tenderness and enthusiasm, not to say she looks as stunning as the pictures." .. Valt

post date Jan 2024


"Hello, thanks a lot for the meeting with Lara. She was really nice, dressed as requested, very pleasant experience. Really the best!" .. anonymous

post date Jan 2024


"She gave me a great time, thanks Babylon" .. James

post date Dec 2023


"Thank you for sending Vany. She was wonderful; kind and fun" .. Bali

LooksVany looks ratings Performance Vany performance ratingsView Vany's Reviews (3) »
post date Dec 2023


"Gorgeous Latin babe with a steaming hot body and a very sweet and engaging attitude. " .. Bacha

LooksMoon looks ratings Performance Moon performance ratingsView Moon's Reviews (1) »
post date Dec 2023


"Wow! Lyrical is a sexual athlete. She is sweet, sensual and attentive. She left me blissfully satisfied. I will book her again as soon as i am back in London. She is a keeper!" .. Adam

post date Dec 2023


"Shirley was an expectational company she was energetic, fun and very sexy it was really worth the time with her. " .. Nautlius

post date Dec 2023


"Thank you! She was wonderful." .. Nelly

post date Dec 2023


"First time with an escort. Very sweet, clean and friendly. Madeeverything comfortable and easy for a first timer." .. Anonymous

post date Dec 2023


"I've seen Lulu a lot, each time she always delivers and makes me happy. She's the reason I come down to London. She has a great personality and a lovely pair of natural breasts. Her arse is simply amazing. I think she gets better each time and that's tough. I hope to see her again soon. She loves her job. A great girl. See you soon. AJ from up North." .. anonymous

LooksLulu looks ratings Performance Lulu performance ratingsView Lulu's Reviews (41) »
post date Dec 2023


"She is amazing. Thank you" .. anonymous

LooksSamia looks ratings Performance Samia performance ratingsView Samia's Reviews (2) »
post date Nov 2023


"My number one pick and I was 100% satisfied from all points of view. Will see her again with zero hesitation. I did say to her that 34DD is probably less than reality! Also, an excellent booking routine with the agency." .. Marti

post date Nov 2023


"Rose is beautiful! Everything I have ever heard about perfect Brazilian asses is 100% true with her. She was enthusiastic, witty and a pleasure to be... pleasured by." .. Jon

LooksRose looks ratings Performance Rose performance ratingsView Rose's Reviews (2) »
post date Nov 2023


"Spesa was a lovely and sweet companion she was really gorgeously looking and her services were just outstanding. " .. Handi

LooksSpesa looks ratings Performance Spesa performance ratingsView Spesa's Reviews (1) »
post date Nov 2023


"Manuela was adorable, a really sweet girl with enthusiasm and passion for the profession as well as being incredibly cute." .. Bob

post date Nov 2023


"One of the best experiences I have had. Excellent services and extremely nice, sexy and cute woman. Full of positive vibes, I will definitely go again." .. Joseph

post date Nov 2023


"Lovely time with this beauty here, she was a very charming company so caring and sweet it was a lovely time. " .. Paul

post date Nov 2023


"Blossom was such a sweet and wonderful young lady, she was so welcoming and worried that I was absolutely enjoying myself will definitely be booking her again. " .. Hutson

post date Nov 2023


"Gorgeous brazilian girl, steaming hot body with the right attitude, she was passionate as well as being very playful time with her just flew by." .. Seventigh

post date Nov 2023


"Very sweet young girl, with a lot of experience knew exactly how to please me and was as beautiful as the pictures suggested well worth it. " .. Frigor

post date Nov 2023


"Rusalia was a real beautiful girl she was much like her pictures, had a incredibly looking body with one great pair of breasts not only she had awsome looks but also a incredibly passionate and sweet personality, " .. Ayan

post date Nov 2023


"Curvy was incredibly beautiful and a real sweet-heart she was so warm and passionate I just loved being with her. " .. Henry

LooksCurvy looks ratings Performance Curvy performance ratingsView Curvy's Reviews (5) »
post date Nov 2023


"Definitely one of the best bookings I had in a long time, Bona was really skilled and provided a tailored and unique experience really worth the while. " .. Christian

LooksBona looks ratings Performance Bona performance ratingsView Bona's Reviews (4) »
post date Nov 2023


"Adela is stunning! Even better in person than in her photos. Beautiful eyes and smile. Amazing natural body and good at what she does. Had a lovely chat, her english is quite good and she held a conversation well. I would definitely see her again." .. Josh

LooksAdela looks ratings Performance Adela performance ratingsView Adela's Reviews (2) »
post date Oct 2023


"Just spent some time with Anna, and had a lovely time. She’s very good at relaxing you and goes out of her way to make sure you’ve left having a very good time" .. anonymous

LooksAnna looks ratings Performance Anna performance ratingsView Anna's Reviews (7) »
post date Oct 2023


"I think fell a little bit in love with Niniane. Beautiful woman. Interesting person. Really enjoyable time." .. David

post date Oct 2023


"Thx again.  She was amazing. Be well." .. anonymous

LooksAri looks ratings Performance Ari performance ratingsView Ari's Reviews (4) »
post date Oct 2023


"Joy is very sweet and wonderful. You will not be disappointed." .. Marty

LooksJoy looks ratings Performance Joy performance ratingsView Joy's Reviews (3) »
post date Oct 2023



A true beauty, Kriss was absolutely gorgeous, perfect skin, perfect body and a sweet and lovely attitude every second with her was amazing.


.. Vicktor

post date Oct 2023


"Ampera was a lovely young girl she did just as requested and was dressed just as I asked, looked absolutely incredible, the services were also splendid she is a very skilful girl" .. Miton

post date Oct 2023


"Romance was incredibly beautiful and sexy too, I just loved her curly hair and the curves on her body they kept me thinking about her all week will be definitely seeing her again. " .. Lui

post date Sep 2023


"Claudia is a beautiful mature lady with a good attitude and amazing skills" .. Sam

post date Sep 2023


"Hi wanted to let you know She really is the best very nice and gave  good service " .. anonymous

post date Sep 2023


"Giuly was incredible not only she was incredibly sexy and beautiful but also seemed to have such a sweet and warm personality great services too." .. Wondu

LooksGiuly looks ratings Performance Giuly performance ratingsView Giuly's Reviews (1) »
post date Sep 2023


"This girl was out of this world, she was steaming hot and had one of the most beautiful figures I had the pleasure to meet, she also exhales confidence and charm like a diamond she will be in my favourites top list for sure." .. Snop

post date Sep 2023


"Andora was a real temptation, she was gorgeously looking with a flawless figure and a sexy body, beautiful smile and a very sweet and spontaneous personality. " .. Ruyter

post date Sep 2023


"Plum was absolutely flawless she looked extremely sexy, such a beautiful figure and with a steaming hot body too, she was very attentive too which I liked very much will definitely see her again." .. Parkson

LooksPlum looks ratings Performance Plum performance ratingsView Plum's Reviews (1) »
post date Aug 2023


"Sweet and very energetic. Wonderful experience!" .. Jon

post date Aug 2023


"Melya is probably the most beautiful lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Excellent service, very welcoming, fantastic personality and intelligent conversation. Extremely professional and made me feel special. Can't wait to meet her again. Highly recomended." .. John

LooksMelya looks ratings Performance Melya performance ratingsView Melya's Reviews (9) »
post date Jul 2023


"Cloud was absolutely gorgeous she looked even better in flesh and the services she provided were truly outstanding too she has so much skill and passion that it makes it feel so genuine, definitely seeing her again soon." .. Jerry

LooksCloud looks ratings Performance Cloud performance ratingsView Cloud's Reviews (1) »
post date Jul 2023


"Junnis was a excellent companion for the night, she is so sweet and charming it was like a fresh breeze coming through." .. J

post date Jul 2023


"Nata was just lovely such a sweet and gentle girl with so much energy and passion that it was truly unique being with her." .. Naut

LooksNata looks ratings Performance Nata performance ratingsView Nata's Reviews (8) »
post date Jul 2023


"Missa was exactly what I was looking for a gorgeous brunette with a curvy body she really reminds me of a PS and the services delivered felt much like it too will definitely be back for more." .. Greg

LooksMissa looks ratings Performance Missa performance ratingsView Missa's Reviews (3) »
post date Jul 2023


"Naturally fantastic girl. Super good looking, very gracious, with great toned and fit body. Great skills and cool attitude. A real gem!" .. David

post date Jun 2023


"Great woman in all aspects from talking to romancing" .. AH

LooksZeyna looks ratings Performance Zeyna performance ratingsView Zeyna's Reviews (4) »
post date Jun 2023


"My encounter with Felicia was an enchanting journey into a world of beauty, passion, and companionship. Her captivating looks, engaging personality, and exceptional skills make her a standout among escorts. Whether you seek a stimulating conversation or an unforgettable night of pleasure, Ayra is the epitome of a perfect companion. I cannot describe how she made me feel during our time together!" .. Hennesy

post date Jun 2023


"Rochelle is a remarkable escort who combines beauty, intellect, and sensuality in a way that is truly mesmerizing. Her magnetic presence, coupled with her genuine care and desire to create an unforgettable experience, makes her an extraordinary companion, I will love to see her again very soon. " .. Loyde

post date Jun 2023


"Dandelia was a incredibly beautiful girl, she was very charming and playful too which made our time together even more satisfying the services she provided were also expectational " .. Malibu

post date Jun 2023


"my experience with Ara was nothing short of magical. Her irresistible charm, sweet nature, and seductive prowess combine to create an encounter that lingers in the depths of my memory I honestly cant wait to see her again." .. Belly

LooksAra looks ratings Performance Ara performance ratingsView Ara's Reviews (3) »
post date Jun 2023


"From the moment we met, it was evident that Sable had mastered the art of making one feel at ease. Her radiant smile and friendly demeanour immediately put me in a state of relaxation, dispelling any initial nerves I may have had. She exuded elegance, with a tasteful and sophisticated sense of style that complemented her natural allure, and she made me feel right at home. 

.. Nathan

LooksSable looks ratings Performance Sable performance ratingsView Sable's Reviews (4) »
post date Jun 2023


"Saba is funny, puts you at ease and beautiful. I really enjoyed my time with her. Would like to see her again." .. David

LooksSaba looks ratings Performance Saba performance ratingsView Saba's Reviews (6) »
post date May 2023


"I dont usualy give feedback but she deserve it! Lovely time with Ruth, thanks Babylon for arrange it." .. D

LooksRuth looks ratings Performance Ruth performance ratingsView Ruth's Reviews (6) »
post date May 2023


"Edvina was a very exciting girl she was a hell lot of fun, so much enthusiasm and energy I not want to leave her side in a hurry will definitely see her again." .. James

post date May 2023


"Annalise was incredible she was able to provide such a excellent service that I had her in my imagination for the whole week, I cant wait to see her again." .. Berry

post date May 2023


"This escort's physical beauty was simply captivating. Her luscious blonde locks cascaded elegantly down her shoulders, perfectly framing her striking features. Her deep, expressive eyes held a world of mystery and allure, drawing me in with their irresistible charm. Every curve of her body seemed to be sculpted with meticulous attention, leaving me in awe of her natural grace and sensuality Roxie really won me over I can't wait to see her again." .. Mault

post date Apr 2023


"Peach was such a treat! She exudes positivity, femininity, and sensuality. Highly recommended." .. ManOfTheWorld

LooksPeach looks ratings Performance Peach performance ratingsView Peach's Reviews (2) »
post date Mar 2023


"Marcela was a great companion, very hot young girl with a smoking hot body and a very naughty and playful attitude, the two hours spend with her were totally worth the money and the time. " .. Jin

post date Mar 2023


"Sarah was really hot, she has definitely got some impressive Latin curves, I was amazed to see she looked even better in person and she gave me such a warm welcome that I will never forget, such a passionate and fun young lady. " .. Jeff

LooksSarah looks ratings Performance Sarah performance ratingsView Sarah's Reviews (4) »
post date Mar 2023


"Duo with Hailie and Ruth ! Absolutly amazing , Is 3 am and I can't sleep becouse of the excitement that I had . I need to see them again !! Damn it ??" .. Michael

post date Mar 2023


"Accurate pictures, slim, natural, fun... Looks like PSE Belinda Carlisle - some naughty surprises! Had a great time, recommend. Five stars on looks and experience" .. anonymous

post date Feb 2023


"Sima was really beautiful she was a very hot blonde with a charming attitude, she was playful and very fun the whole hour I was with her, I will definitely see her again. " .. Jeryn

LooksSima looks ratings Performance Sima performance ratingsView Sima's Reviews (6) »
post date Feb 2023


"Posh a real high end girl her services were unbelievable it seemed like she knew my body for ages, she was always on the right spot, and with looks like hers it was easy to keep me going. " .. Juan

LooksPosh looks ratings Performance Posh performance ratingsView Posh's Reviews (8) »
post date Feb 2023


"Ruby was a lovely companion she was amazing in all aspects, physically she is very attractive and has a really sexy body, her personality was also really enjoyable she is a very sweet girl. " .. Nedy

LooksRuby looks ratings Performance Ruby performance ratingsView Ruby's Reviews (2) »
post date Jan 2023


"I had a amazing time with Larissah, she is a super sexy girl with a lot of experience to show, I will be definitely seeing her again very soon. " .. Ben

post date Jan 2023


"Really party girl !! Great energy and such a amazing vibe for couples of hours.Glad as I meet her" .. J

post date Dec 2022


"What a treat! Missed Mikel when she was last in London and got to see her today. Absolutely gorgeous, slim firm body, great boobs, a body to die for. Matched her profile pictures. Very friendly, pro-active and hot. I could kiss her all day long, such is the passion and intensity of her DFK. Excellent service, all performed passionately. Shame she is leaving in couple of days but will definitely see her again on her return. A fabulous lady and an excellent meet" .. T

post date Dec 2022


"I had a incredible time with Petronella, she is such a charming young lady, so full of enthusiam and passion being with her will truly be a memorabletime, and one I will be definitely repeating. " .. Ken

post date Oct 2022


"A true gem near Earl's Court. Pictures are accurate but can hardly prepare you for seeing Paola's stunning features in person. Nevertheless, she made me feel at ease very quickly and provided excellent service. Easy comms via Telegram to arrange the booking. I look forward to seeing Paola again soon!" .. DPHJB

LooksPaola looks ratings Performance Paola performance ratingsView Paola's Reviews (2) »
post date Sep 2022


"Alama was just gorgeous, beautiful figure and a really hot body too, one of the best pair of boobs I have ever seen, I also enjoyed very much that she provides a wide variaty of services and all of then with a lot of passion always bringing the maximum pleasure. " .. Harry

LooksAlama looks ratings Performance Alama performance ratingsView Alama's Reviews (4) »
post date Jul 2022


"Exquisite and buttery smooth. If performance flowed a little more naturally without prompting she’d be a perfect 10. I guess it was only our first meet. Will return. Nice to meet you Kimber." .. Stu

post date Jun 2022


"Such a lovely young girl, she was able to offer a amazing service, she welcomed me in a very enthusiastic and charming way, and she looked stunning hot too which was great. " .. paul

post date Jun 2022


"Great girl, she looked great in person even better then in her pictures, and also provided a incredible service, " .. jorge

post date May 2022


"Kaia will be one of those companies that I will be remembearing for a while, she was gorgeous and had a lovely warm personality I will definitely see her again soon." .. Hayman

LooksKaia looks ratings Performance Kaia performance ratingsView Kaia's Reviews (2) »
post date Apr 2022


"Picked Simeria because of her looks, feedback and FK. I checked the FK on booking and it was at discretion based on hygiene. So ok. Arrived on time and she immediately said the list- no FK amongst others. She said it was for regulars only. I am presentable and clean but still no so i politely left. On a positive note. She is very good looking, a killer body and very sexy. Her hips are wider than the photos making her even sexier. Wow! So for the right person she must be heaven." .. Will

post date Mar 2022


"My one time only but worth the experience, will remember for life" .. RICKO

post date Mar 2022


"Such a lovely company, Lolita was fun and playful, not to say how sexy and naughty too honestly worth a second time." .. P

post date Feb 2022


"If you want to spend your fetish night she is good roleplaying model 5 stars" .. Jason

LooksAisha looks ratings Performance Aisha performance ratingsView Aisha's Reviews (2) »
post date Feb 2022


"What a gorgeous lady ! Angel looked fantastic, had a great personality and provided the essential services with a great attitude. Will definitely be seeing her again !!" .. Andy

post date Dec 2021


"Has to be one of the best Russian girls in London at the moment!" .. Frank

post date Nov 2021


"Melly was beautiful, fun and professional. Enjoyed our time immensely. Will definitely see her again." .. Li

LooksMelly looks ratings Performance Melly performance ratingsView Melly's Reviews (4) »
post date Nov 2021


"What a beautiful and genuine escort, Natalia did tick all of the expectation boxes, she was sexy, entertaining very sweet and welcoming, and a whole lot of fun." .. Phil

post date Jul 2021


"Excellent, very beautiful" .. James

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post date Jun 2021

Amanda Storm

"Amazing girl, I had great time. Amanda is tall and sexy and she takes pride in the work she does." .. Alex

post date May 2021


"Cas was fantastic, really friendly and attentive, and of course gorgeous. I’ll be booking again x" .. David

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post date Nov 2020


"She was amazing, incredibly cute and has a wonderful personality. I will be visiting her again really soon." .. Mario

post date Jun 2020


"Really enjoyed my time with Brava, really hot brunette with a stunning body for sure very accurate to the pictures, the services were very good aswell she gave me a really nice warm time." .. Hedger

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post date May 2019


"Wonderful . Absolutely great. The most beautiful of bodies and also a winning smile-Tia oozes sex appeal and she has a great personality. This was one of the best experiences of my entire life and I will deffo be back for more :) :)" .. John

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post date Mar 2019


"The time I spent with Anemona was so good that it flew by really fast she was even better then I could have expected really charming and confident very sexy young women." .. Mike Protection Status
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