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Babylon Girls love to keep an open line of communication with our clients, and our girls alike. It’s always easy to get through to us. You can call us on the phone, you can text us, you can email us, or you can simply fill out the form on this page. Had a good time with a wonderful Brazilian London escort from Babylon? Tell us about it!

Whilst we can’t guarantee getting back to you straight away with an email or a message through the website, we will get back to you as soon as we read it. We are constantly checking our messages, but we’re sure you can appreciate that we are a very busy escort agency! We would be quick to add here that this is not the way we operate when we get a booking via the booking form. This is a dedicated online booking service that is monitored frequently, and you can expect a very fast response. We aim to please!

Questions and answers

When you send us a question regarding one of our girls, it’s always best to send us a text message or call us directly if you want a quick answer. We may not always be able to answer all of your questions of course, but we are happy to pass anything onto your chosen girl prior to your appointment. It’s also a very good idea to check out our FAQ section on the website. You’re likely to find answers to many of your questions over there.

  • Call us by phone: 079190 77777 - If lines busy text for a call back
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  • Email: [email protected]
  • or complete the form below, your feedback is important to us
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    Review Question

    We guarantee 100% privacy

    Your London escort feedback is important to us

    We are one of the few escort agencies in London that thrive on your feedback in order to improve our services. It’s thanks to our outreach campaigns, promotions and direct interaction with our clients that we have managed to create the agency you love so much. If it wasn’t for your feedback, we simply wouldn’t be here today!

    And whilst we love to get good feedback at Babylon Girls, we do read all of it, whether it’s good or bad. We realise that people are far more likely to send us a message if they have a bad experience, but we are confident that we can act on any genuine grievance and get to the bottom of it. In the unlikely event that you have had a bad experience with one of the Babylon Girls, we need to know about it.

    Appropriate action

    We will always take appropriate action when it’s warranted. We receive our fair share of nonsense messages however, don’t get us wrong. But we can spot these a mile away! And we know when people are just trying to wind us up! But if we get consistently bad feedback for any particular girl, we are likely to remove her from the website. We don’t want to jeopardise our entire business just to keep one girl on the website. There are always plenty of escorts in London that need representation.

    Besides, sometimes if we do get negative feedback about a girl and we let them know about it, they sometimes realise the error of their ways and adjust their services to better suit their clients. It’s all about quality at Babylon Girls, and all of the beautiful girls we represent are acutely aware of this.

    Encouragement for the escorts at Babylon

    But let’s not dwell on the negative! By far the best feedback is when you send us a message telling us how marvellous your experience was. We love getting these message, and we ALWAYS pass these on to the girl you spent time with. This gives the girls an enormous boost of confidence and often results in even better service quality. It can also contribute to them sticking around in London for a little longer too, so keep the good feedback coming guys!

    There’s nothing like a review!

    We would like to take this opportunity to also encourage you to review your experience. You can do this easily on the website profile of the girl you booked. We will review your comments (and make sure they’re decent!) before posting them onto the girl’s profile. You have our word that every review will be published, whether it’s good or not!

    For those of you who aren't aware, there are also a number of independent London escort sites out there, and we would be overjoyed if you posted a review on them. The girls would be very grateful too of course. See the links below: Protection Status
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