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Welcome to our gallery of escorts in their 20's.

Well to be fair, this is a gallery of girls aged between 21-27 years. This is a very popular category, and one that's usually always quite full. Not quite as young as the youngest escorts we represent. It might not seem to be a very significant age group to some, but to those who know the difference we have created a gallery specifically with you in mind. A young woman who fits this criteria is usually a little better versed in the ways of men. They have had the time to hone their skills to ensure your absolute pleasure, so to speak. You will find that many of these escorts have managed to develop very specific skill sets. These may range from conversational expertise and general knowledge to invaluable massage and relaxation skills for when you have a more intimate encounter.

They're also not at the age where they believe that they have to lie about their age to get your attention yet! You laugh now, but you'd be surprised. It's usually escorts in their 30's that think about telling us they are younger. But this is only before they realise that they have a select bunch of clients that actually prefer them too. Escorts 21-27 years old are what we would call pretty much ideal all rounders, versatile, stunningly attractive (like all the companions we have at Babylon Girls), and widely available 24 hours a day. If you like the look of any of the girls you see in this gallery and you would like to know any more information, please get in touch with one of our receptionists who will be happy to help you.

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Escorts in their 20's

Women of this age maintain gorgeous physiques of course, as you can see from the pictures, so it may surprise you to hear that they also make delightful dinner dates. It's nice to have an escort that actually enjoys eating her food and not worrying constantly about putting on weight. They make up for it with their exercise regimes in the gym, practically every day. They're either working out there, or you will find them running around Hyde Park early in the morning in yoga pants.

Walking into Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge with one of these girls on your arm to sample the delightful Russian cuisine, is simply a dream come true when they love dining out as much as you do. Perhaps it will even be a Russian escort you take with you? You will also find these fine young women dressed to impress no matter what the occasion, whether they are visiting you in your hotel room, joining you for dinner, or meeting you at their incall apartment. High class escorts like this have a definite sense of occasion and like to look their best.

You will find that many of these girls fall under our £200 escorts category, along with a number of younger, and older ladies.

The younger woman

We know that some of you out there like the idea of escorts 21-27 years old because some of them fit you perfectly. That's not as odd as we meant it to sound. We mean that if you should take them out, they look good with you. It makes you look like you've just got yourself a younger woman. Put it this way, if you're a 50 year old man for example, escorts can look much more natural as your girlfriend if they are in their mid-late twenties. They behave in a more mature way, yet they retain their girlish appeal and looks. Much more appropriate than an 18 year old escort in our opinion. Those teenage escorts are probably best for incall bookings and to visit you in your hotel room

Incall and outcall services

Whilst they're all very capable of being the perfect girlfriend experience, dinner date, you may not want to go out for dinner. It's not essential to take them out. We are certain that you'd love to of course, but we do realise that this isn't in everyone's budget. But you should know that high end escorts don't always require you to take them to the best restaurants in town. They're just as happy with your company in their apartment or your hotel. If you're a nice guy of course. And we're certain you are, right? We rarely get any complaints from these girls anyway. But then they are professionals

Another thing about booking girls of this age and this level of experience, is that they always have lovely incall apartments. They have a better idea about how to set the atmosphere and keep a suitable boudoir, so to speak. You won't be lacking anything at all. Comfort, refreshments, and a nice hot shower with fresh towels await you in every incall escort apartment. As we've said consistently elsewhere on the website, these escorts are truly professional

All the locations, all over London, are safe and secure. They are discreet and easy to find, usually close to the local tube stations, or just a cab ride away. In many areas you will find adequate parking too. If you have any questions about your escort's location, access or anything else pertaining to your booking, please don't hesitate to ask us. We are always happy to help.

Your escort comes to you

The ultimate in relaxation is surely when one of these 21-27 year old escorts comes to your hotel room. Imagine that for a moment. You're just sitting there waiting for her after you've had a nice relaxing shower and spruced yourself up. Then there comes the knock at the door. You look through the peephole and there she is, standing there in a lovely dress and some high heels, with a smile on her face that could sell sand to an Arab! Now if that doesn't set the perfect scene for a hotel escort visit, we don't know what will.

Incidentally, you can always count on these girls not turning up looking like the star of "Pretty Woman". She's not going to be wearing a skirt to short that you can see her knickers every time she walks, with thigh high boots on and a cigarette in her hand. This isn't a "street walker" we're talking about. You'll get nothing like that from Babylon Girls. This is a classy escorts, with style, discretion, elegance and sophistication. She will be dressed appropriately. Sexy but conservative. Should you require her to dress in anything else, you can always ask her to bring things with her. Well, we can ask her of course, and we will let you know. So make sure you tell us when you make your booking.

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