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Welcome to our gallery of British London escorts.

All the girls you see on this page are verifiably English. This can mean many things of course, and it becomes hard to define exactly what British is anyway. But for the purposes of this gallery, our criteria isn’t that serious and doesn’t require a huge explanation. The girls you see here are British girls, they live in Britain and they speak English. Babylon Girls has long been renowned for being one of the foremost providers of escorts from all over the world, including girls from Latin America, Russian and eastern Europe.

There may well be a few girls appearing on here from time to time that have mixed nationality, but as we said already, we’re not going to be that picky about categorising them. All the British girls you see here are available for both incall and outcall bookings throughout Central London. They all have their own apartments in conveniently situated areas, usually close to tube station links, and they are all very neat and tidy and easy to find. If you have any questions at all about the girls you see on this page, or indeed any other page, please get in touch with us at Babylon Girls. We are always happy to help.

There’s something about British escorts

Russian escorts have a reputation for being very sultry, wholly dedicated companions, Brazilian girls are known for there passion and fiery personalities, but what about the English ladies? Well, English women are somewhat of an enigma, they have many attributes. One of the most obvious attributes we would be quick to list would be self-confidence. A British woman has attitude and sass. She has learned to overcome and adapt, and she is in love with how powerful she has become. British women have had a history of subservience and fighting for what they deserve and now they are among some of the most powerful and influential women in the world. Take Princess Diana for example, an iconic and also very beautiful British woman.

British women can be anything they want to be. Emphasis on what “they” want to be too. These sassy girls know what they want, and they usually get it! They can be elegant and sophisticated, or they can be downright naughty, flirty and suggestive. The best British London escorts are usually a mixture of both of course, and this is more than likely why you are browsing this page.

The British “girl power” phenomenon in the 1990s certainly had a massive influence on todays females. They’re no longer afraid to party hard with the rest of the boys, and can probably drink you under the table any day of the week. They’re definitely not backward about coming forward with their needs and desires. If you book an English lass to keep you company, you’d better make sure that she’s as satisfied as you’re going to be.

Book an English girl to show you around

An English girl is by far the best choice if you’re visiting London for the first time, or you’re from overseas. British call girls are always at the ready to offer advice on the best places to eat and drink. They know the best clubs and bars, and they can introduce you around if you wish. You will certainly get to see a side of London that you probably wouldn’t were you to book any other type of girl. That is if you book them for long enough.

Extended bookings, dinner date experiences and overnights are always fantastic with English escorts too. This is especially so if you are a native English speaker, or you can speak English well. If it’s your second language, you’re undoubtedly going to pick up more from your companion. And if you are struggling with the menu in a restaurant, it’s always a bonus to have an English woman with you.

English escorts are more authentic

We don’t mean authentic as an escort. All the girls we have at Babylon Girls are authentic of course. What we mean is that if you’re going out on a date, like a dinner date as previously mentioned, an English girl can often appear more authentic as a partner. This is especially so if you too are an Englishman of course. Some clients are put off booking outcall dinner dates and such because it doesn’t look like the young Russian model they’re with, is actually their girlfriend. You can alleviate all this by booking an English girl. Then it’s probably only going to be an age gap thing that could possibly look unusual to some. Although age gaps aren’t usually an issue in this day and age to be honest. Having dinner with a woman who barely speaks your language looks much more unusual.

Now recruiting British girls in London

If you are a British girl looking to make a career out of escorting, we would be very happy to hear from you at Babylon Girls. Our British gallery is relatively new, but we would like ot make it a permanent fixture at the agency and get as many English girls as we can. We know that we have many clients who would love to meet you. If you are interested visit our recruitment pages and apply.


Understanding our Clients

Stay tuned to Babylon Girls. Read our new blog article about understanding client needs, and much more.

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31st May 2024

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