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Welcome to our gallery of GFE Escorts. All the girls that have been selected to appear on this page are renowned for offering a wonderful girlfriend experience. Some of you may be aware what this means in the escort business, some of you may require an explanation. A girlfriend experience is basically what it sounds like. When you book an escort that specialises in GFE, you get what we like to term as a temporary girlfriend. A girl who acts and behaves as if she was your girlfriend, for the amount of time you have booked her.

A girlfriend experience is much more than a brief encounter with an escort, poor communications, and perhaps a massage from a girl that doesn’t really know what she’s doing. It’s about the “experience” of having a real girlfriend, albeit temporarily. What could be better than to walk into a bar or restaurant anywhere in London, with one of these girls on your arm. When she walks in with you, holding you tight, laughing and gazing into your arms. Perhaps a few cheeky kisses on the way, and during dinner?

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Real Girlfriend Escorts

Some escorts claim to offer this service, but there aren’t that many that can deliver it effectively. And we are well aware that we have some very discerning clients. The type of girls that do this are usually very emersed in their escorting career, and they got into it because they genuinely love the company of a variety of men. As well as the money of course. Let us not forget that these are High Class Escorts and they have grown accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle. A genuinely affectionate and attentive escort will have you believing she actually is your girlfriend, within moments of meeting you. She will greet you affectionately with a kiss, hold you tight and be incredibly happy to see you. This is the type of girlfriend we all wish we had! This is also how all regular girlfriends begin relationships but most can rarely sustain.

Affectionate GFE Escorts

When you book an escort who offers the girlfriend experience, you get genuine affection. In the same way that a regular girlfriend would greet you with a smile and a kiss (a good one!), your temporary girlfriend will do exactly the same. You will be embraced and made to feel completely at home. These girls will make you feel like you know them already. They know exactly how to treat the men in their lives. They will listen to you, they will converse with you, laugh and joke. You can go out to dinner and drinks, or just choose to thoroughly relax in their loving arms for the evening in their apartment, or perhaps yours. Incall and outcall girlfriend experience escorts are always available to you.

Choosing your Girlfriend

The best thing about choosing a GFE London escort is that you get to look at all her pictures, read her reviews and check our her statistics before you decide to date her. And you also know that you will get your date on your terms, for as long as you like, wherever you want. And arguably the best thing about it is, she will be your girlfriend no matter who you are, what you look like, or how old you are. As long as you are respectful and treat her well. When you get a new regular girlfriend, you tend to bend over backwards to please and entertain her. It can take a lot of dates to get to know a regular girl, it can cost a fortune, and it can be very frustrating. This is especially true when you find her so attractive, but it’s taking too long to become intimate with her and get down to some serious flirtations and displays of affection. With a girlfriend experience escort, you can cut right to the chase. You will be booking a highly recommended escort, experienced at being a hostess, and in the art of seduction.

If having a girl that will be genuinely affectionate towards you wasn’t enough, you also get to choose exactly what she looks like. You can choose from blonde escorts, tall, petite, curvy, and many more choices. You can choose her nationality too. How about an evening where you have a Brazilian girlfriend? Or a hot Russian model? The choices are endless here at Babylon Girls. And remember, there’s always a Happy Ending with Babylon Girls!


New Girls and More!

We are very pleased to announce that we have even more new London escort joining our number one team! These girls are available to book right now. You might also be interested in reading our London escort blog for more information, recommendations and interesting articles.

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17th November 2023

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