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Welcome to our gallery of curvy London escorts.

All the girls on this page have been carefully selected to fit this category. They’ve been chosen because we believe they should be categorised as curvy, among other categories. It’s entirely subjective of course. 

The girls we consider as curvy, may well not be the ones you do. We can’t help that. When we talk about a category of escorts like this, it becomes much harder than categorising escorts with big boobs for example. It’s easy to see if a girl has big tits, or if she’s black or white. And just because a girl appears in the busty gallery, it does not necessarily mean she will also appear in here among the curvy ladies.

You can book these shapely escorts at Babylon Girls, mostly 24 hours a day, for incall and outcall bookings. They all have nice apartments in Central London, in various different areas. You can browse girls by location if you wish by using the handy drop-down menus at the top of the page. And as always, if you have any questions at all about any girl, or just about our service in general, please do not hesitate to ask us. Our reception staff are incredibly familiar with all the girls we represent, and they have worked in this business for many years. If anyone can get you the escort booking of your dreams, these dedicated individuals can.

The definition of a curvy London escort

In order to get close to what defines curvy women at Babylon Girls, we have been forced to consider many things. Not least important among them being the size and shape her the girl’s boobs, as we just mentioned. But there’s much more. These ladies are often celebrated because of their very shape, not just he size of their boobs. Curvaceous escorts are very popular with many of our clients. Those clients who want their women to be what they term as “real women”.

When we think about the shape of a “real” woman, we’re not talking about escorts that just have a few extra pounds, we’re talking about having the curves in the right place. Many men love to have a woman with that classic hourglass figure, and they don’t mind the girls being a little overweight even, if it’s evenly distributed around their ass and their boobs. This is where you get the hourglass shape. If you have a busty girl with a nice rounded ass, she is most certainly going to be classified as a curvy escort.

BBW London escorts

BBW escorts are incredibly popular. We could have had a gallery especially for them, but we figured we could put them in the curvy gallery, since they are of course very curvy. What does BBW mean? It’s urban slang for big beautiful women. So, we’re basically talking about escorts with a few extra pounds. Or maybe even girls you would consider to be fat escorts. There is a huge demand for girls with much more than a just a few curves. Sadly, we don’t see a lot of applications from BBW escorts in London, but when we get them, you will find them right here. We believe they are perhaps very specialist and mostly advertise their services independently. But if you are a BBW escort, we would very much welcome your application to Babylon Girls. We are certain we have clients that would be keen to see you.

Chubby escorts have confidence

Whilst we’re still on the subject of escorts who are a little heavier than most, it’s important to understand that these girls are incredibly comfortable with their physique. They have reached a point in their lives when they have fully realised their potential, and they know just what their fans like. Most chubby escorts, or BBWs have clients that they see regularly, and those clients love the way they are. And this isn’t just about their looks.

More importantly, when a woman is comfortable with the way she looks, she’s much more confident and appealing to others. And this goes for skinny girls too. Any girls in fact. It’s a lot easier to be who you are in today’s world, and people are less judgemental about appearances. Women are more empowered, ready to celebrate and appreciate their size and shape. Once this happens, it makes them incredibly attractive. There’s nothing more attractive than self-confidence. This is the same with men too of course. Women love a confident man.

You’re actually more likely to have more fun with an overweight escort because of these factors. That anxiety about having “the perfect body” is quite literally gone and has been replaced with women who are in love with their own bodies. Their inhibitions are considerably lowered. And considering that they have chosen a career in the London escort industry, where they are under constant scrutiny by their clients, you can expect them to be genuine as well as confident. These types of girls don’t often have to hide behind photoshopped images either most of the time. Even though some of them still like to “touch up” here and there, there’s no disguising that they’re most certainly curvy escorts.

Slim escorts at Babylon Girls

If you would like to view the exact opposite of the girls listed on this page, remember that you can browse our gallery of slim escorts in London. There are plenty their to choose from. And as always, if you want any help, just call us, we’re here to help.


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25th April 2024

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