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  • Adagio optimistic blonde, 36C

Stripper escorts are available now from Babylon Girls. These girls are either all strippers, or at the very least former strippers. So, they know how to move. And when we say that they know, they really know. You can see that they all have fabulous bodies that they look after very well indeed, and they will be well used to having them admired by now. Being on a stripper pole and dancing for a variety of men over the years, has that effect on the girls. And those that love it the most, become London escorts (if they are in London of course). These girls have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and many of them like to party. You can see a more accurate list of party girl escorts, on their very own page if this is what you’re looking for.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Escort Strippers

Escort strippers are actually more common than you think in the world of lap-dancing. They are natural exhibitionists when you think about it. The two careers go hand in hand. Maybe it’s because of all the propositions they get when they are dancing, that makes them think they could make a lot more money escorting for a living. If you’ve ever had a private dance from a stripper in a club, you must have thought about spending a little more alone time with her. This is especially true if she’s into you too. And believe us when we tell you that girls that show an interest in you during a lap-dance, more than likely really do fancy you. Imagine a nice busty girl flirting with you whilst she gets her boobs out. She knows damn well you want to get your hands on them, or at least get to know the girl that owns them. She’s not stupid. These young ladies learn very quickly the way to a man’s heart, and they know just what to do. So, if she likes you, she will make damn sure you know about it!

And this is the type of confidence you will get from a stripper escort. Probably a similar confidence that you will find from the dirty talking escorts. It takes a certain type of girl to be able to loosen up enough to talk dirty to their lovers, as well as dance for them. The lap-dancing escorts you see on this page are all highly confident, sexually liberated women for sure.

Escort Lap Dancers

There are different levels of strippers, wherever you go. They will all have the stripper heels and the various gear you would associate with such a vocation, but those who are more professional, and probably dance in the top clubs, will have even more. You may even find that some of our uniform escort girls are among these high end strippers. They’ll be the type that dance in Spearmint Rhino, and places like that. They are remarkably beautiful, but the bonus with these girls is that they really know how to work it!

You may think that you have seen good strippers before, but have you ever had one of them visit your hotel room for your private dance. It sure beats the hell out of going off to the back room of a strip club; and some of those strip clubs are pretty sleazy! Don’t forget that you can also book an incall escort service, and you can book escorts 24 hours a day. Imagine being able to call for a stripper at any hour of the day or night, and to beat that, being able to go to her place for her to do it for you! That has to be something very special, right?

They are not the type of girls you see in the “pound in the pot” strip pubs all over London. Those places may have a few pretty girls here and there, and they don’t mind getting their kit off, but they’re not the strong and confident women that you see here on this page. These women will go out with you, they will spend quality time with you, and hell… they’ll even spend the entire night with you if you want them to. Some of these strippers are also escorts who like to be filmed too! Where are you going to find a strip club that will even let you use a phone inside the premises? There are none. So it’s always best to get your private dances from an escort gentlemen. Book one and find out just what you have been missing.


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31st May 2024

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