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Dirty talk escorts are becoming very popular, and it’s because of this that we have created a new gallery to list them all. Not all the ladies you see from Babylon Girls are comfortable with this sort of thing. It’s very personal really, sometimes even more personal than being naked in front of another person, or doing many other sexual things. For example, you will find plenty of CIM escorts here at Babylon Girls too; but many of those find that a man ejaculating in their mouth is less personal than talking dirty! That sounds strange we realise, but it must have something to do with genuinely enjoying dirty talk. It must be very easy to spot a girl who is not sincere when she’s talking dirty. It must be much easier to take a load in the mouth than pretend to enjoy whispering naughty things in the ear of your client. It takes a woman with great sexual confidence and maturity to talk dirty to her client during their escort booking, so the women you see here on this page are not only very talented, they also genuinely enjoy the experience of talking dirty.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Talking Dirty

So what is talking dirty? For those of you that don’t know, it’s pretty much mimicking what you might here a porn star saying during the various acts they perform on camera. It’s provocative, highly sexual language exchanged between lovers for the purposes of sexual gratification. Some of you may be aware of phone sex perhaps. This is when you call a woman on the phone and the two of you talk about the ways in which you would like to have sex or perform other sexual acts with. It’s often very explicit and detailed, involving graphic details about sexual acts that either or both parties long to perform. This is often a popular foreplay method for couples when they are going to see each other later on. It’s similar in many ways to “sexting,” which is the sending of explicit and sexual text messages to another person. Some of you may have sent dirty text messages to your partner during the day, detailing what you would like to do when the two of you are together.

Of course, dirty talking in person is very different, and as we said, it requires real passion and genuine enjoyment on both sides. It’s awkward if someone is talking dirty and you don’t really enjoy it, and it’s even more awkward if you are talking dirty to your sexual partner and they don’t seem to enjoy it. So, if you are into this kind of thing, and it’s important to you, finding girls that love to talk dirty to their lovers is an essential part of booking an escort. Please remember however, that booking a dirty talking escort is not a guarantee that she will indeed talk dirty to you. As we have carefully outlined here, there are specific criteria that need to be met in order to get sincere filthy talking from an escort girl. You would more than likely have to impress her enough for her to want to turn you on. Preferences or “services” are never a guarantee with any escort.

The Perfect Encouragement

You hear it in porn all the time, don’t you? And don’t tell us you have never seen a porno, because we don’t believe you! During the sex scenes you will often hear words of encouragement from either party: “fuck me harder,” “cum on my tits,” etc. And arguably the most common is when the man is jerking off over the woman’s face at the end of their sexual athletics (not unlike the CIF escorts and what they enjoy), when she is keen to see him unload all over her. It’s uncertain whether these porn stars really do enjoy it, but it’s certainly pleasurable to watch. And is more than likely why so many men try to reproduce this kind of thing with their lovers.

But it has to be said that, whether you are having sex with your partner, a woman you have met, or even an escort, hearing them encourage you when you’re in the throes of passion is the ultimate turn on. It’s the perfect antidote to those situations when you can’t seem to perform as you would like too. Having a filthy talking escort telling you how much she wants you and what she wants to do, is certain to “put lead in your pencil,” right? Just look at some of the girls you see on his page. Just the look of them is enough to get your motor running, so imagine them talking dirty to you! It would be an incredible experience for sure.


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31st May 2024

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