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Spanking escort girls are not all the same. Right from the start it’s important that you realise Babylon Girls have two galleries for escorts who are into spanking. This one is for the girls who liked to be spanked. This does not necessarily mean that they like to spank their clients, or lovers. What can we say? Some girls like to take a spanking, but they don’t always like to dish out the punishment. Perhaps you would be more interested in the BDSM escort gallery, where you could search for a real Mistress or Dominatrix. We now have two galleries of spanking escorts. This one, and a page dedicated to escorts that like to spank their lovers. So, the galleries are for giving and receiving.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

New Escort Services

This is part of our attempt to make the galleries more useful to our clients. We want you to be able to get to precisely the type of girls you would be interested in. Seeing what a girl likes to get up to in the bedroom, is a very good insight into the type of girl she really is. And once that likes to be spanked could be a lot of fun indeed! But remember, as we just said, just because she likes to be spanked, it doesn’t mean she will want to spank you. Another incredibly important thing to remember here is that all the “services,” so to speak, are at the escort’s own discretion. She may like to be spanked, but not necessarily by you. You must always respect your escort’s preferences.

Escorts who like to be Spanked

You may not find as many girls in this gallery as you will in the other spanking gallery. There will usually be more girls who want to spank your ass! If you want a girl that likes both, you can always check both galleries, or you can look on her individual profile and see if both services are listed there. You will find that that girls in this gallery are pretty kinky, and they may also be escorts into roleplay and things like that. You can see all the girl’s preferences on their profiles.

You have to understand of course, and it’s the same with all the escort preferences, it does not mean you will get to enjoy these things too. If an escort offers spanking services (giving or receiving), it does not automatically mean that she will do this with you. All these things are discretionary. Just because you want to slap the ass of the girl you are spending time with, it doesn’t mean she will be cool with it. It doesn’t matter how much you’re paying her! These girls are not robots that obey your every command. Our more regular clients will know this is how we feel already, but it’s important for all newcomers to take this on board.

Respecting Boundaries

With services and preferences like this, it’s important to know boundaries. Whether you’re spanking an escort, or she is spanking you, it’s vital to know just how hard things can get. And on top of that, it’s important to remain in control of your senses so that you are able to listen and take instruction. You are far more likely to have a girl allow you to give her a little spank on the bottom if you’re polite and respectful; and more importantly, know when to stop and do as you’re asked.

As always with the escorts at Babylon Girls, we cannot possibly anticipate or guarantee anything on your date together. Once the booking process is done, we are unable to intercede in any activities between escort and client; and more importantly, we wouldn’t want to anyway. What goes on between you is your own business. We are certain, no matter what you and your date agree to get up to, you will always have a Happy Ending with Babylon Girls!


Understanding our Clients

Stay tuned to Babylon Girls. Read our new blog article about understanding client needs, and much more.

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31st May 2024

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