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Roleplay escorts are available now from Babylon Girls. Book yourself a sexy roleplay escort for incall or outcall services whenever you want. All the girls you see on this page are open to the idea of some roleplay. If you have a fantasy or desire that you have been dying to act out, now is your chance. Not only are these girls incredibly beautiful, with fabulous bodies, they are all a lot of fun. They are happy to play the roles you want them to (within reason), so that you can finally satisfy your desires. You don’t need to worry too much about what they might think, they have heard most of it before, so please don’t be shy about it. If you want to ask any questions prior to your booking, don’t hesitate to send them to our talented receptionists, and they will be happy to ask our girls anything you want. However, please remember that just because these are specialise roleplay escorts, it does not mean they will enjoy playing any role you could think of. It’s a good idea to ask before you book, or at least at the beginning of your booking when you meet your chosen girl.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Escorts in Uniform

Well, to be honest, they don’t have to be in uniform do they? It’s not always necessary, and it depends entirely on the type of roleplay fantasy you had in mind. And it’s also important to remember that you don’t always have to be the one who comes up with the roleplay ideas. The type of escorts you see here in this gallery all have their own ideas. They are genuinely into roleplay escort services and they love doing it, so they will have their favourite scenarios for sure. And some of them may involve uniforms.

However, not all roleplay escorts are uniform escorts. They don’t all need to dress up in uniforms or various other costumes, it’s just that they mostly go hand in hand don’t they? For instance, there’s the classic teacher and student roleplay, or the secretary and the boss roleplay that you could enjoy. These are mainly power play fantasies, and these are fantasies shared by many. So, just so you know, just because you see a girl in the uniform gallery, it doesn’t automatically mean that she’s a proficient, or even willing roleplay escort. It’s takes a very special sort of girl to enact some fantasy roleplay, and just because a girl has a sexy nurse’s outfit, it doesn’t mean she can perform the desired role.

Fantasy Roleplay

There are many type of roleplay fantasies, and it would be silly to try and list them all here. It’s down to the individual client or escort really, and it’s not something we could speculate. What rocks the world of one man, may completely turn off another. Roleplay escorts are often chosen for power play scenarios however, and these are very important to some people. For example, you may be a very powerful man in reality, but you may desperately desire to be dominated or otherwise controlled and bossed around in private. It’s all about balance, we totally get it. Depending on how extreme you like your fantasy roleplay to be, it may interest you also to check out our gallery of BDSM escort gallery. Those girls know how to keep their client in check for sure! Just make sure you agree on a safe word!

No Judgements!

Babylon Girls is a highly professional escort agency and we deal with client desires and fantasies on a daily basis; as do the girls. So we are not shocked or surprised by much at all. When you book a roleplay escort with us, you will get no judgements about what sort of thing you like. You will get no juedgements if you like your girls dressed in a certain way, or anything come to think of it. Nor will you get any judgements at all from the girls. As we said, they are pros and they are well used to it. It’s just best for everyone – particularly you – if you can agree about your date before it commences.

Get in touch with Babylon Girls if you have any questions at all.


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17th November 2023

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