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Welcome to our gallery of Latvian escorts.

Those lovely ladies from Latvia are here in London to make your dreams come true, and you would do very well to choose one of them. Latvian girls are well renowned for their sensual nature, their stunning Eastern European beauty, and their quest for pleasure. Latvia is not renowned for luxury and high class living like London, it’s more well known for it’s beautiful landscapes, beaches, forests, Medieval towns and villages and art nouveau architecture. So you can understand of some of these beautiful young ladies end up being London party girl escorts. London is a new way of life for many of them, and it’s one that they enjoy greatly.

Book your Latvian ladies from Babylon Girls if you want the very best of the best. Most of the girls you see on this page are 24 hour London call girls who love will give you memories to last a lifetime. They are fun, sexy, liberated, and always open to new and exciting experiences. Plan yourself a date with a Latvian girl today with Babylon Girls

Latvian women

Although these are not the type of women you would find on those pathetic eastern European dating sites, that claim to hook you up with a Latvian woman, they do share some similarities. They are very different to the preconceived ideas that point to the pre-Soviet era. These days Latvian women are a lot more liberated and prefer the lifestyles afforded to them elsewhere in the world when they have the opportunities.

Latvian women are usually very beautiful, that much goes without saying. They have mostly blonde or brown hair, and they are among the tallest women in eastern Europe for some reason. It might be something in the water, who knows! Most of them have those beautiful Baltic blue eyes too, and when they smile, they really do light up the room. They are mostly athletic, slim types too, and these days they have much more a passion for healthy living and fitness.

Some may call them the perfect woman. This is because alongside these good looks and liberated nature, they are among the highest educated in eastern Europe. Education is valued and respected in Latvia, and they really do appreciate a smart guy too. A date with a Latvian girl could be one of the best London escort experiences of your life.

Latvia in London

Whether you are from Latvia or not, you might just want to absorb the culture a bit. What better way to do this than with their cuisine? If you like eastern European food you may like places like the London Latvian House, Nikita's, Verru, Nordic, or Erebuni. You may even find some of the Latvian girls on this page dining in them. If you're a Latvian in London there's plenty to do, but you might also need some contacts if you're here for a while. You can always visit the website for the Latvian embassy if you should need it for any reason. You might also be interested in any Latvian communities in the city too, even if it's just to celebrate Ligo. You can find details about communities and people from your homeland on The Baltic Times website.

If you are visiting from Latvia, it would be a good choice to choose one of the Latvian escorts we have here at Babylon Girls. They all have their own apartments, where we are certain they will make you feel much more at home. Not only will they speak your language, they will also provide you with some wonderful Latvian female affection. If you are eating out, perhaps in one of the restaurants we have mentioned, it will feel much more like home having dinner with a Latvian girl.

Of course, you don’t have to be from Latvia to book one of these girls. You may just be attracted to them. And we don’t mind saying that there’s nothing wrong with that. Latvian women are very beautiful. But if you are planning a dinner date with an eastern European girl she may come in handy if you’re eating in a restaurant where you could use her language skills. Besides, when they speak in their wonderfully cute broken English, you will not be able to resist them. And Babylon Girls always has the best European imports!

Whatever the reason for booking a Latvian girl, we can assure you that you will have a wonderful time with the ladies from Babylon Girls


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25th April 2024

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