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Welcome to our gallery of Bulgarian escorts.

This may not always be the most populated gallery at Babylon Girls. This is not because we don’t have a lot of Bulgarian girls in the city, it’s mostly due to the information we are provided with. Not all the girls that come from eastern Europe tell us exactly where they are from, and they tend to get bundled together as simply “European”. Bulgarian girls do have specific attributes however, so you may have booked a European before, but it is important to understand that they are all very different.

By far the best way to learn more about the girls you see on any of our galleries is to ask our receptionists about them. These talented people have lots more information, and they know how to advise you when it comes to choosing. Let’s face it, it’s not an easy choice to make when you are confronted with such a great choice of girls. You can book any of the girls you see on this page from Babylon Girls 24 hours a day. You are certain to have the experience of a lifetime from Babylon Girls

Bulgarian women

Let’s talk a little about Bulgarian women, and then once you have booked one for yourself, you can tell us whether or not we are correct in our summary. It is worth noting however, that these beautiful women are Bulgarian escort, and not necessarily representative of all Bulgarian women. Escorts by their very nature are more liberated and open minded than the average women, no matter where they are from.

Bulgarian women have long lived in a patriarchal society, so they have become accustomed to the will of the men in their lives. This informs the London escort community too, considering that those Bulgarian girls that become escorts, already have a good understanding of what men want, and they can be quite submissive when they are required to be.

They are often exceptionally beautiful (another reason they make great escorts), often with long hair and slim and somewhat athletic bodies. There are often very hot summers in Bulgaria, and they have wonderful beaches too, so many of the Bulgarian escorts you may choose from are often tanned and toned. These girls love the beach. They like to take care of their bodies in the gym and they always have great style when it comes to their wardrobes. In the world of escorting it’s a great shame than these beautiful women often get sidestepped for the more popular Ukrainian women in London and those Russian beauties that we seem to have so many of.

Relationships with Bulgarian women

Not that is their aim to find a husband (and certainly not those listed on this page), but once a Bulgarian girls gets married, her focus quickly shifts to her family. These are not the type of women who struggle to comprehend their responsibilities, they take them very seriously indeed. Once married, they are devoted to their husband and children, and manage a home very well indeed. It’s almost an innate skill they have to completely adapt to their new roles. It’s not that Bulgarian women do not wish to work too, they often do, but they know how to handle the balance and seem to get it right. If you are every fortunate enough to develop a lasting relationship with a Bulgarian woman, you really will have someone that’s worth hanging onto

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You will always find the very best Bulgarian women at Babylon Girls. It doesn’t matte where the girls are from, you will always get the best from us. Babylon Girls have a very strict set of criteria to follow before we agree to represent a girl on our website. If you are interested in joining our team of escorts, you can fill out an application to become an escort on our website.


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31st May 2024

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