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Wouldn’t we all give our right arm just to be young again? Perhaps some of you are already young? Either way, whether you are or not, our young escorts have enough youth and passion for the both of you.

The girls on this page are all young escorts and they're all at the peak of their physical fitness. And this is what you're after we assume? Not only are they at the peak of physical fitness, they’re also very excitable and keen to please. There really is nothing like having a younger girl trying her very best to impress. This is especially so if you believe she’s out of your league to begin with. But this is all just a state of mind gentlemen. Cute young women like the ones you see here, are incredibly attracted to confident older men, so don’t think like that.

The beauty of having a young escort is of course that you can be sure everything is in the right place and most of her is natural. Not only that, you will also find their bodies to be tight and firm beyond belief. The ultimate low maintenance yet perfectly toned and presentable body. If you take these girls out to eat you can bet that they don't have to spend three hours at the gym the next morning working it off. We only wish we had metabolisms remotely similar to these gorgeous London escorts.

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Bright young things

These young escorts are much more than just pretty faces, as you have probably already gathered. When you consider that some of them are literally only 18 years old, it takes a lot of courage to travel to the UK from Russia and Eastern Europe (or anywhere come to think of it). To pursue a career in this business can seem very daunting, and they have no idea you gents are going to be so very kind and attentive. There aren’t many British 18-year-old girls that would do the same the other way around we’re sure.

Many of the industrious young escorts you’ll see on this page are students. They are already reasonably fluent in English, even if it’s not their first language. One thing is for sure, when a good education is available in eastern Europe or Russia, you can bet that these young ladies have taken full advantage of it. English is taught as standard in virtually all other countries across Europe. It’s a pity they don’t teach British kids as well. Not only do you get a date that has a face and body as a fresh and youthful as possible in this industry, you also get a very bright and enquiring mind that is keen to learn even more.

Young escorts are keen to please

Because they’re so young, they’re often very keen and enthusiastic. They only want to do well, make a good living and have a lot of fun. Girls this young don’t have massive grand plans and schemes. In the words of the great Cyndi Lauper, they literally “just want to have fun!”

This doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing of course, they’ve gone to great lengths to be here in London. But when it comes to impressing a young escort in London, you don’t have to go to incredible lengths. They are just as happy to spend time with you in their incall apartments, as they are sitting down for dinner in a fancy restaurant. Don’t get us wrong though, they still enjoy dinner dates.

Impressionable youth

Another thing that our clients consider a very attractive attribute in these young companions, is there impressionable nature. They like to be influenced and taught things whenever they can. It’s all part of their journey over here in London, and one of the main reasons they have travelled so far. They want to add to their already surprisingly vast experience with their clients. They will still know a thing or two, but they appreciate the confident of an older man. They love the way an older man will take his time with a young escort and really make the booking something special. It’s mostly about attention with the younger girls of course. If you make a fuss of them, they will make a fuss of you. It's mutual (but isn’t it always?)

Youth does not signify inexperience!

Just because your chosen escort is young, you need to understand that it doesn't mean she's going to act like this, or demand to go to a disco or something equally as unappealing to you. Her youth in this instance is strictly listed in order to present you with the most attractive and most impressionable young women in London.

You would be very surprised at just how experienced some of our young girls really are, and how much they love spending an evening having a quiet, intimate dinner and overnight stay at a luxury hotel. The Dorchester, Mandarin Oriental are very good choices, or other equally exclusive London hotels. These are girls who have come to expect the best and deserve no less of course. So, you’d be a fool to think that just because some of them are teenagers, that they lack experience. Hell, some of them could teach you a thing or two we’re betting!

Taking a young girl out to dinner

There are a few things you might be interested in hearing if you’re planning on going out with one of these young escorts. To begin with, you need to disregard any of your preconceptions. As we have already mentioned, they are not like just any young girls. They all have a certain level of experience in this business. Even the teenage escorts have some experience.

So they are not going to be nervous about being out with you. And this leads us neatly onto the next point we need to make. You shouldn’t feel nervous about taking them out either. Some men feel as though, because they are older, it will be somehow odd if they take out a teenage escort. This is only in your mind guys, there is nothing strange about it. And when you are in London, no-one really pays much attention to things like this. Young women date older men all the time in our lovely city.

Paying the cheque

We needn’t tell you that it’s the gentlemanly thing to do need we? To hell with the new ideas about how everything is equal, we believe in chivalrous behaviour with these fabulous fledgling escorts! And besides, they are escorts after all, and you have booked them. They don’t go on outcall bookings with their clients, only to pay the restaurant bill. That’s not how it works at all!


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