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There aren’t many escorts for girls in London.

Well, there are probably plenty, but they’re not in abundance at the many London agencies. At least not girls who genuinely like to get bookings from women. There are a number of agencies that list plenty of girls as being genuinely bisexual, or as lesbian escorts, but they’re actually not. Here at Babylon Girls we have a policy of accurate representation whenever possible.

The girls you see in this gallery are the best escorts for girls in London. They are all confirmed to enjoy the company of women just as much as men, and we’re told that they offer a wonderful experience. It’s more than likely completely different from any date between one of these girls and a male client. We are very aware that women have a greater attraction to intellect, charisma and personality. That’s not to say that men don’t have this of course!

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Lesbian escort experience

If you are a lesbian, or a gay female (whichever way you like to refer to yourself), you’re going to want to be a little flirtatious with your escort we’re sure. So, there’s little to no point in setting up a date for you with a young woman who doesn’t feel the same way about other women. As a lesbian you would know straight away whether you could relate in any way with the girl you booked. And going back to what we said about there having to be a greater meeting of minds as well as a physical attraction, you need this too.

A date with an escort who is only every used to bookings with men will only ever lead to disappointment. This is why this gallery isn’t inundated with lesbian escorts. The select number of girls we have included here are those with the most experience with other women. They can more than likely be booked to be with men alone, with another escort for a duo booking, or even for a couple. They are among the most liberated and genuinely enthusiastic lesbian escorts you’ll find at Babylon Girls.

Girl on girl escort booking for dinner

These young ladies are very professional, make no mistake about it. They love to spend time with their clients in a variety of different settings, so it makes no difference whether you book an incall or an outcall. As a lesbian, you probably have less anxiety about going out to dinner with one of our bisexual escorts. For some reason, a woman having a date with an escort seems to be more socially acceptable than a man with an escort. It just goes to show how silly these old taboos really are, doesn’t it?

But you will attract much less attention, and this is arguably a good thing. It all depends whether you make a big show of your attraction to your chosen escort or not really. The girl you choose can be as flirtatious or as conservative as you like when you’re out in public. All you need to do is make it known to her.

You also have it pretty good if you invite an escort to your room. Hotel staff and others don’t ever seem to care half as much about a woman visiting another woman, no matter what time, or how long she’s there. It’s just not the first thing that springs to mind. Most people will always assume you are just friends. Perfect for a lesbian escort booking when you’re not keen on revealing your true sexuality to anyone just yet.

Incall bookings

All these girls have very lovely apartments in their respective area too of course, and they’ll be more than happy to invite you to their place to relax and get to know one another. They always keep their places clean and tidy, they have refreshments, and excellent facilities available to you. Most apartments are within short walks from the tube station too, yet still very discreetly located.

If you have any questions about your booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can ask us anything to send to your chosen girl too if you like. We want your escort for girls booking to go swimmingly!

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Understanding our Clients

Stay tuned to Babylon Girls. Read our new blog article about understanding client needs, and much more.

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31st May 2024

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