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Enhanced breasts escorts are available now from Babylon Girls. We are very lucky to have hundreds of beautiful London escorts at the agency, and they all have fabulous, unique bodies. Just a cursory browse of a few girls will reveal that they all have wonderful boobs too of course. Many of the girls are models, or dancers, and have enjoyed careers in both of those worlds, but they have chosen escorting as a career because they want more from life. They want to tour whilst they are young, experience different cultures, and most of all have lots of flirtatious fun with the men they meet.

If you are into fake boobs, then you are in the right place. All the girls on this page have breast enhancements, and we have to say that regardless of size, they all look fantastic! We also have a gallery full of escorts with natural breasts, if you prefer those girls. Either way you’re going to find someone fantastic we’re sure!

Escorts With Fake Boobs

It always sounds a little derisive when we say “fake boobs,” but that couldn’t be further from what we mean. When a woman decides to get breast implants or any kind of enhancements to her breasts, you can bet your life they are always going to look better; whether they are “fake” or not. It depends on what you like of course. Sometimes all a woman needs is a little lift to make her boobs look perkier. Sometimes it’s more about confidence. Girls can often feel less confident if they don’t have very big boobs, or they are not happy with the shape somehow. Popular culture and media continue to bombard young women with an ideal image, that’s sometimes tough to live up to. Having breast enhancements gives them the confidence they need to achieve great things, in whatever type of career they choose (not just escorting).

With a great pair of boobs also comes the confidence to wear whatever they want too of course. Perky, full boobs always look fantastic in a low-cut dress or top, showing some sexy cleavage. And you can always count on an escort with enhanced boobs to look amazing in a bikini! Some of these girls are also lapdancing escorts too, so you can imagine just how great these girls look when they’re taking their kit off!

Big Enhanced Boobs

Maybe you like enhanced breasts because you like escorts with big boobs? Well, you will certainly find a number of those on this page too. We love to see some of those girls who really like to push their boundaries when it comes to the size of their tits! We know you like them too. Those cute, slim escort models with the massive hooters are very popular. And their boobs always look much bigger when they’re on a very slim model. It allows girls that don’t have the natural curves, to achieve that fabled hourglass figure that men love so much.

You have probably had your hands on a pair of fake boobs before, especially since you’re here on this page looking at these wonderful ladies. So, you already know that sometimes they feel really natural. It depends on how good the breast enhancement is in many cases. They usually feel very full and firm, especially when they are relatively new. Perhaps you’ve had more than your hands on a pair of big fake boobs before. Most men fantasise about having a tit fuck with a big pair of enhanced boobs, so you wouldn’t be on your own there; it’s a common enough fantasy. You see it all the time in porn movies, and it might interest you to learn that there are also a number of COB escorts at the agency. For those of you who are unaware, these are the girls that enjoy having their lovers cum over their breasts or bodies. However, you must always remember that just because they enjoy doing this, it does not mean that they will allow you to do it!


Where Escorts Work and Why

Every wondered why there are so many European London escorts in Bayswater, for example? Read our blog and get some insight into why this trend continues!

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5th April 2024

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