The Touch of Another Person

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The Touch of Another Person

In a time when so many of us are told not to seek human contact, we have never needed it more. What a dreadful irony. We probably don’t need to tell many of you this of course. Some of you are worried about booking London escorts, and we respect that. It’s your decision. The single guys among you are more than likely already experiencing the lack of human touch, and loneliness is more than likely driving you to distraction. We know that you love the girls at Babylon. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of human touch. And it’s nothing to do with sex, believe it or not.

The touch we are missing, and the touch we need is more of the supportive kind. It’s a hug, a pat on the bag, a stroke on the arm or even the squeeze of a hand during a touch time. Yes there are the more sensual touches that are missing. A loving and affectionate kiss, or even a slap on the ass are all very important. These type of touches validate us, they make us feel wanted, valued and supported.

Physical and mental health

The mental health problems that stem from loneliness are abundantly clear to most people. Single men over 40 are apparently almost twice as likely to die early than those of the same age who have a relationship, or at least have regular opportunity to have meaningful and intimate connections. It’s not just because they are unattached of course, we are talking about studies that have been conducted concerning those who are already suffering with terminal illness etc. Whether it’s the lack of support mechanisms in place or the simple fact that they don’t see much of a future, having someone around definitely makes a difference. A happy person is much more willing to cling to life, we are sure you would agree.

Physically a human is really quite remarkable in relation to human touch. Many of you will know about stress, and this is a big factor in why some of you are booking girls 24 hours a day. When you are stressed, your body release a hormone called cortisol, which can negatively impact the human immune system. One of the best things to reduce the production of this hormone is touch, allowing the body to function properly. Human touch and affection is lowering blood pressure and heart rate, allowing oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin to do their work. These hormones are associated with pleasure and relaxation.

Why shouldn’t it be an escort?

There is no reason on earth that we can think of why this human touch shouldn’t be an escort. Sadly there are still some people out there that subscribe to the old idea that the touch of woman you pay to spend time with, is somehow not worth it. If you have never booked the companionship of a woman before, it would greatly surprise you to discover just how valuable contact with a professional like this really is. It is nothing to do with sexual encounters (although these are of course highly beneficial), it’s about human touch and contact.

It’s actually especially more effective from an escort when you think about it. The excitement and pleasure that is gained from meeting someone for the first time is unmatched. It is similar to meeting any woman you are physically attracted to. The butterflies in the tummy and the boyish desires that flood your whole being. How can this be a bad thing? And they are all amplified considerably with a professional because they are beautiful young women.

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