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When it's too hot to book escorts Is it too hot to book escorts?

It’s hot in the city at the moment, and we wanted to talk to you a little about that. It’s hardly surprising considering that it’s the middle of summer of course, and we’re sure you’re feeling the heat. The girls are feeling the heat too. And despite them loving the benefits of becoming an escort in London, sometimes it can get the better of them. We know that our valuable clients out there can understand and appreciate that.

Too hot to work?

It’s not too hot for London escorts, and it never will be, but you need to appreciate how the heat will effect them. When you finish work on a hot afternoon, would you feel like jumping around for joy, wearing high heels and a face full of makeup? Well these girls do it all the time, and this can sometimes be pretty much all day.

They will always be dressed to impress, they will always be pleased to see you, these are professional girls after all. However, they may not be moving at full speed, or full of energy. Just like everyone else in London during the hot weather, they are tired and too hot. We’re not talking about robots that you could put money into and expect them to run at full capacity for the duration of your booking. As long as you appreciate that, you won’t have a problem. You’re also less likely to get any of the girls telling you to get lost. Yes, that’s right, if you get impatient with them, they’re likely to tell you where to go; because guess what? They have feelings too. Remember… Not robots.

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Not everywhere is air conditioned

It’s also important to remember that these girls work inside their apartments all day long, and mostly all night too. When they are not busy getting ready for a client, or doing their bookings, they are trying their very best to keep cool in these scorching conditions. It’s alright for those escorts from South America perhaps, but it’s not always easy to “carry on regardless” for the British and European girls.

Some would argue that they should rent apartments with air conditioning, and this would be a solid argument were it not for the fact that most of them actually do try to do this. There are only so many apartments in the areas the girls need to work, and not all of them have this luxury. It is also worth remembering that not all landlords are holier than thou. Many of them take advantage of the situation and sometimes they fail to keep up the proper maintenance on their properties.

Late night bookings

If you are struggling with the heat, it may be a good idea to make your bookings late in the evening if you can, when things have truly cooled down. It’s not as hot for the girls, and it’s not too hot for you. The two of you may be able to relax a little easier at night, and maybe throw open a few windows if the place isn’t air conditioned. And you needn’t worry about all the girls being over tired at night, because some of our 24 hour London escorts are just getting up to work at that time. So they’re mostly as fresh as daisies!

Remember that you can ask your receptionist about the girls and their favourite working hours. Our team know the girls very well indeed and they are always keen to recommend the best for your chosen time slot. You should always trust your agency receptionist.

Remember your personal hygiene

Summertime really does bring out the need to take as many showers as you can. And also to wear some pretty good deodorant. Make sure you take your chosen girl’s offer for a shower, that goes without saying. But when you are in there, make sure you actually wash in the usual places, you’re really not going to lose that much time ensuring you are clean. It becomes embarrassing for a girl to ask her client to go and wash himself before they can spend time together. Take some of your favourite toiletries to work with you in your bag so you can smell the same as you did when you left the house in the morning (a neat little trick!) Protection Status
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