Trust your escort agency receptionist!

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Trust your escort agency receptionist!

You see what you want to see and not what’s best for your appetite. This is a common problem among escort hobbyists, and one that we see frequently at Babylon Girls. We all have an ideal vision when it comes to the woman of our dreams. We want to choose one of the busty blonde escorts, or have a particular fancy for girls from Russia, or whatever it may be. The truth of the matter, although we love those types, they may not all be a perfect choice.

Now, whilst we would never profess to know what your type is, or tell you which you should go for, we do know that you really should trust your receptionist. All the girls are good at Babylon Girls, we don’t doubt that for a moment. However, they’re all good in their own way, and they’re not all as good as each other. Our receptionists really can be your best friends in matters like this. Allow us to explain further

Escort receptionists have experience

The main point we would like to make is that, depending on where you book from, an escort receptionist has experience with the girls at their agency. In the case of Babylon Girls, the lovely Yana and her pals have more experience than most. We have been in business for a very long time, and Yana and the team have fronted the bookings system for us very effectively. Some of you may already know just how wonderful the guys at Babylon Girls are at finding you the right girl, others need to place a little more faith.

It’s not an easy life being an escort agency receptionist you know. There is a lot more to it than simply answer calls, messages and emails. Our team needs to have a lot of patience for this job, not just dealing with clients, but with the girls too. Trying to set up a meeting can be a nightmare at times, but we rarely fail in delivering an excellent service, and that makes us very proud. So, the next time you are getting a little frustrated with our staff, please try to remember that we are one of London’s top performing 24 hour escort agencies, and we are incredibly busy. Our staff have more than likely taken countless calls and booking requests before yours, and they are doing their very best.

sexy escort receptionist

What they know about our London escorts

They know practically everything there is to know. Or at least everything that would interest and impact your booking. An example will help. Let’s recall what we said earlier about busy blondes. Let’s say you choose one of these girls from a gallery full of them, because they are your “type”. This is fair enough. You want to see this girl because she’s beautiful, right? After all, that’s all you can tell from her profile. You know nothing else about her. But if you ask our receptionists if they think she is a good choice, they may have more information for you. The best example is when you want to book a girl who the receptionist knows works mainly late at night and into the early hours of the morning. You want to book her at 10am. Our receptionists may advise you against it because this girl just isn’t a “morning person”. Sometimes this happens. They may suggest someone else to you who would perform much better at that time of day. In these instances, you would do well to listen to them, or alternatively, allow the girl you want to rest a little longer and book her later in the evening when she’s at her best. You see where we’re going with this? Yana and the gang really do know the best girls to book, for your specific circumstances. At the end of the day, you can have whoever you want, and we will make the booking for you, but you can’t blame us if we have advised you against your choice for a very good reason.

The same could be said for anything really. Perhaps you want to book a girl for an outcall dinner date, or to just come to your hotel for drinks and a party. You may choose a girl who does predominantly incall bookings and excels at them. She may not be very confident going to outcalls. She will do them, but she may not be as good. Our receptionists will know this already, and you can trust them to tell you. One thing that’s important to remember about our team is that they will always give you the best alternative choice. They can do this, because they know things, and it’s really that simple.

Even the receptionists need help

It’s not always based on their own knowledge of course, much of what they know is based on how the girls have performed and what has been reported to them by you guys. Our clients are incredibly important when it comes to recommending girls to others. This is the one reason we have a client recommended escorts gallery. Here you will find girls that have consistently had excellent feedback from our clients. And not just any clients either. These are clients who we already know and trust. We have brilliant relationships with some of our clients, and we are always looking to improve them, and extend them to include our newcomers. It is our aim at Babylon Girls to establish a wonderful escorting community between the girls, the agency and clients.

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