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Kissing a London Escort

Have you ever kissed an escort girl? We mean really kissed her? It’s one of the best feelings in the world, so we have heard. And who wouldn’t be happy with a kiss from one of these beautiful creatures for goodness sake? For many of us, we wouldn’t stand a chance of kissing girls this beautiful when we date in the conventional sense. How many of you are on dating websites and bored with all the “matches” you keep getting? It’s no fun dating a girl you couldn’t imagine kissing. At least when you look at pictures of London escort models, you know that you could well be in with a chance to kiss them if you book a date. In many cases it’s worth the entire fee just to be close to girls so beautiful, never mind anything else! It is indeed a privilege.

We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. When you book an escort from Babylon Girls, or any other agency in London, you are not guaranteed anything at all. And this includes kissing. If one of the girls wants to kiss you, then it’s your lucky day. In much the same way as if one of the girls wants to have sex with you. It’s none of our business or anyone else’s for that matter. What the two of you do in privacy during your booking is a matter solely between the consenting adults involved.

That London Escort Kiss!

But boy oh boy! If you have ever kissed an escort, you will know the feeling is like nothing on earth. This is obviously because she sees a lot of different men, and clearly enjoys kissing them. They are so passionate, and they are so enchanting, it’s almost indescribable. You would simply have to experience it to know what we’re talking about. And you would need to experience the lips of a true professional, like one of our talented Russian escort girls for example. Now they know how to kiss!

Please remember that there are some girls who make it clear at the beginning of their bookings that they do not allow kissing of any sort. This is fair enough, and it’s up to you to respect that and not push boundaries.

Deep French Kissing Escorts

Escorts who enjoy deep French kissing are more common that you think in London. This is mostly because the majority are European, Russian and South American. These girls have passionate cultures where kissing like this is widely accepted between romantic partners. There is a massive difference between French kissing and deep French kissing, as many of you will already know. If you don’t know the difference, you probably haven’t be kissed that deeply before. It’s a highly erotic and sexually charged experience that we urge you all to try at least once. This is the type of kissing that usually ensues during sex, when both parties are so enthralled in each other’s bodies that their animal instincts come into force and they simply have sometimes quite literally consume each other.

Respect is Key!

Whether you are lucky enough to kiss an escort girl or not, it is vital that you remember when you are with these beautiful young girls you should always be respectful. These girls are not your servants, they are not submissive and waiting for your instructions. They are intelligent women who have their own free will, and you must always remember that. Protection Status
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