How to tell if London escorts are really available

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How to tell if London escorts are really available

This may seem like an easy enough thing to explain, but it gets a little more complex than that. Some of you are veteran hobbyists and you’ll already know much of what we’re going to tell you today, so for those of you in this group, we apologies. Put simply, it’s not just a case of clicking on a London escort agency website and checking out the girls you see.

Most agencies will have an escorts gallery. This is where you will find all the girls that the agency represents, and it’s usually the most popular page on the website, unless you’re looking for a specific girl in a specific area of London. The problem however is whether or not the girls in the main gallery are actually available.

Two types of agencies

In our experience, there are two types of agencies in London in this respect. There are those that list every girl they represent, and those that list the girls who are currently available. Now it’s worth pointing out that those who list the girls who are currently available, may not be entirely accurate. When they say available, what they mean is that the girls are in London and they are taking bookings. They are not necessarily saying that they are available for a booking at the moment you see them in the gallery. This is a much harder thing to discern, and only really available from agencies like our own, where we have an instant booking facility.

The other agencies simply list all the girls they represent, whether they’re actually in London or not. Sometimes they even list girls that have stopped escorting and returned home. These agencies are usually then petitioned by the girls to take down their adverts and stop promoting them. This is the only time agencies like this ever seem to take girls down from their main galleries. This is very problematic for the client, because they never really know who is available. We are certain you’ve all been there before. You call the agency because you see a girl you like, and then you get disappointed because they say she’s unavailable. This can go on and on if you choose an agency that lists their girls in this way.

girls in London

Our girls are in London!

If you see a girl in our London escort gallery, then you can rest assured that she is available for bookings in London. Our receptionists keep a regular check on all the girls who list with us at the agency, and when they tell us they are not in the city, we take them off. When they fail to answer us after repeatedly trying to get in touch, we also take them off. After all, if they want to be represented, they will contact us again and we’ll repost their profile. It’s really all about basic administration, and it’s not hard work. It’s a little tiresome and repetitive, since we have to do it all the time, but it’s not hard.

Instant Booking

A long time ago now we developed a system to introduce an instant booking facility at Babylon Girls. This has proved to be popular and is by far the only way you can tell whether a girl is actually available at the time you’re on the website. We call it booking your girls in real time. Basically, if she is in the instant booking gallery, she’s available NOW. You should be able to call up our receptionists and make a booking with that girl immediately. Or at least in the next 15-30 minutes, depending on your location and how long it will take for you to get there. Obviously if you are making an outcall instant booking, it may well take a little longer, but our receptionists will tell you all about that when you call.

It’s not by any means a perfect system of course, and there will always be a few problems here and there. But it usually works all the time. It’s perfect if you’ve just finished work and you weren’t sure whether or not you would have time to go and see a girl. You can pop for a quick drink, make a booking and by the time you’ve finished your drink, you can be on your way to her apartment. Let’s face it, most of the girls don’t need a lot of time to get ready, they’re all naturally gorgeous!

How to know if a girl is in London

So to summarise. It doesn’t matter which escort agency in London you choose. If you are booking an Eastern European escort, or one of those Russian escorts, there are many agencies that have the same girls. If you want to know for sure if that girl is in town, check our gallery. If you can see her there, she’s more than likely in London. Go ahead and look at some of the other agencies online. We think you will find us to be correct. You will see girls on their gallery pages that haven’t been in town for weeks, even months. Protection Status
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