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Want to meet an escort in 15-30 minutes?

To book a meeting with one of the Babylon Girls in the next 15 minutes or so, at their place or yours, just choose your ideal girl from the gallery below and call us on 079190 77777.


Want to meet an escort later?

To make an advance booking, all you need do is visit the main gallery, choose your ideal girl and call us on 079190 77777.

Book your Escorts in Real Time

The future of the London escort industry is upon you gentlemen! You can now see exactly which of our beautiful girls are available in real time, as and when a girl becomes available. Every girl you see in this gallery will be available when you call, unless of course she has literally just taken a booking. We are the first agency in London to enable our clients to book as quickly and efficiently as this, and it creates wonderful opportunities for the girls we represent to work with us in order to get them more jobs and earn more money.

Instant Booking by location

So now you can book your Babylon Girls in “real time,” as and when they become available, you might be interested in knowing that you can also use the Instant Booking Gallery to find girls available right now in your current location!

It doesn’t matter whereabouts you are in London, simply use the locations at the top of the page to choose the closest to you and all the girls available right now will be filtered down to those in the area you have chosen. Perfect when you’re in a specific area of London and you don’t want to travel too far to see an escort. And when they appear in the Instant Booking Gallery they really are ready right now!

No-one in your location?

If the location you’re looking for isn’t displayed on this page, it means there are no girls available in that area at this precise time. When a location appears on the gallery, there will always be at least one girl available in that area. Remember, if a location isn’t showing in this gallery, it does not mean there are no girls available there at all! You can still use our location pages and make a booking for later on with your chosen escort. When you call or message us with your choice, we will be able to tell you when your chosen companion will be available and you can book her in advance.

The girls will always be ready and up for it!

As we have already made clear, those who list that they are available right now in this gallery, really are available. The girls we represent are very professional and really very intelligent too, so you’re not likely to get girls that say they’re available, yet take an hour to get ready. Those girls will not choose to be on this page. The girls you see here can all be ready “at the drop of a hat,” as the saying goes. What woman do you know that can be ready in this amount of time?

It’s usually because they’re just so damn naturally stunning and appealing of course, and don’t requite any embellishment to make them more attractive. But it’s also because they have usually committed themselves to working at specific times, so they are literally always ready! These are not like some independent, unreliable girls who suddenly need to dash out to pick up this or that, or they need to go shopping etc. They are totally professional and make themselves available to the agency because they simply know they’ll get work through us. We create features like this for the girls who list with us, just because they are so very diligent and keen!

Talk to our receptionists today

We have some wonderfully talented receptionists too you know! If you see a couple of girls you really like the look of in this gallery, but you really can’t decide between them, simply ask. You already know that they’re both available, and sometimes this can be too much to make a simple decision. Our receptionists know most of the girls personally, mainly because they handle all their bookings of course, and they are more than capable of selecting the one that would best suit your requirements.

Our receptionists also appreciate it a lot if you can have a selection of girls ready to tell them when you place your booking. If you can choose two or more girls (obviously telling them your preferred choice), it makes their job much easier, rather than going back and forth with you and the girl all the time.

We hope you enjoy our new Instant Booking feature, and we are confident that you will have an amazing experience!

For the ultimate experience call 079190 77777London’s 24/7 agency.


Making Life Easier!

We have listened to our clients, and we have created two new pricing options to make choosing your girls easier. We now have a £250 escort category, and we have also created a £350 escort category

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25th April 2024

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