Being a London escort during corona virus

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Being a London escort during corona virus

As London begins to open the shutters and return to work, there are growing concerns among London escorts about how to continue their work. Escorting anywhere in the world is a contact career, let us not pretend otherwise. The girls are in close proximity to their clients and it becomes very difficult to maintain any form of social distancing. However, there are safeguarding steps that can be taken, and today we are going to look at what escorts across the country can do to lessen the spread of Covid-19.

There are some contact businesses beginning to open their doors and take limited numbers of clients. Businesses like beauty salons and hairdressers are starting to open up, but they are also doing all they can to lessen the risks, and learning to operate differently. Hairdressers and various therapists are not planning to have groups of people waiting around in their premises, so this is one step that they can take straight away. They are also ensuring that they keep themselves and their work environment sanitised.

escort cleaning

How a London escort can use these methods

To begin with, an escort does not have people waiting around for their appointment. This is an appointment career and thankfully girls can take their bookings with plenty of time in between clients. It has always been highly unlikely that one client ever meets another as they leave, or even in the same street. The girls have always needed a reasonable amount of time to get themselves ready for another client anyway.

Now they may need to take longer between bookings. This will give them the opportunity to sanitise areas in which they have entertained their clients. In particular their bathrooms and showering facilities can be sanitised for their clients protection and their own. Remember that even a half intelligent London escort can work out that it’s in her own best interests to keep her apartment as clean and sanitised as possible. Should she become infected with Covid-19, she will be unable to work anyway.

Basic checklist for London escorts working during Corona Virus

Here we have a very basic checklist for all escorts (not just the girls we represent), that they can use to help them with their incall bookings:

  • Greet client at door - No Contact
  • Leave any bags and other items at the door - No Contact
  • Direct client to shower room - No Contact
  • Take client a clean towel/robe and leave their clothes in the shower room
  • Commence Booking
  • Redirect client back to shower room to wash and dress
  • See client to door and ensure they have all belongings - No Contact
  • Ensure you leave enough time between bookings to clean and sanitise

escort cleaner

Add to your shopping list

An escort will already have a pretty specific shopping list anyway, but during this time it’s a good idea to stock up on the following:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bleach
  • Disinfectant to dilute
  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Antibacterial hand wash and shower gel
  • Antibacterial mouthwash

Diluting some disinfectant like “Zoflora” for example in a spray bottle with some water is a very quick and easy way to sanitise when your client has left. You can spray the front door and handles and all along any hand railings they may have been in contact with. It’s also safe to spray onto walls and floors in most cases, where they may have left bags and other belongings. Ensure that you spray all along any railings in the bathroom too, including the toilet flush and seat.

Share your thoughts

We are keen to share escort hints and tips (within reason) here on our blog at Babylon Girls. If you are an escort and you would like your thought and opinions published here, Email us with your ideas and share your opinions. It’s important to maintain an active and engaged escort community at a time like this.

Accepting new escort applications

In light of our impending reopening, we are now accepting new applications again for escort positions at Babylon Girls. If you are already an escort with experience, we would be very keen to hear from you, but you don’t necessarily need vast amounts. See our recruitment page for more information. We are particularly eager to hear from British London escorts. This is an area we wish to expand in the future and would welcome a chat with you. Protection Status
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