Hotels are open for business in London

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Hotels are reopening in London Post Pandemic

Hotels are open for business in London

Since not all of our clients are actually in London, we thought it would be a good idea to confirm with you that the vast majority of hotels in Central London and the West end are actually open. We realise that some of you usually come to London to work, or on pleasure only trips, from elsewhere in the UK. Since travelling for work, and even working in the office have become unnecessary in some cases, many people haven’t really bothered to check whether or not they could feasibly stay here in London comfortably, similar to the way they used to.

We cannot speak for every hotel in the city of course, but we do know that the major hotels are open for business as usual, and they have all the necessary safety precautions in place. Places like the Hilton have their staff in PPE, and they have PPE available to guest too should you wish for it. They have done their very best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, whilst making sure that it’s as safe as possible too. Cleanliness has always been an attribute of the Hilton brand anyway, but now it’s even more important.

Good prices remain for hotel stays

Of course you’ll find a Hilton in practically every area of London, there’s no doubt about that. But places like Bayswater, where there are a lots of London escorts have plenty of hotels available. Surprisingly enough, the prices for your stay have not drastically increased either. Considering that the hotel staff are having to go to so much more effort, and reduce the number of guests staying with them, it’s surprising that the prices haven’t suddenly increased to make allowance for that. We suppose it’s all about sensibly encouraging tourism back into the central areas of London, where it’s so needed.

Places like the Hilton have even introduced a minimum of 24 hours between each guest stay in their hotel rooms, as well as an extended cleaning policy. This will make people feel a little more safe we’re sure, and it’s good to know that they are taking things seriously. Some facilities will be “off the menu,” so to speak, in most hotels. Like buffet breakfasts, perhaps some gym and spa facilities and so on, so it’s a good idea to check their individual websites to confirm these things before you book. Just to make sure you have everything you could need. Restaurants and other dining facilities in the hotels may well be affected too, so please do always check.

Key London escort locations

There are girls available wherever you can find a Hilton to be honest, so that’s worth remembering before you book a room. But regardless of that chain, you will find that the girls will always be operating wherever there is a significant number of hotels in the area. The Savoy, The Landmark etc. all have girls within a stone’s throw of their doors. So you’re never likely to be far away from some talented female company. We do have an article about London escort locations on the blog if you’re interested in reading it.

So you don’t have to put off your trip to London if you can get away with it. Check out website like and too for deals and reward points that you could accumulate from your stays. Remember that it’s always a good idea to shop around the booking sites, and always check with the hotel’s own website to see if you can get a good deal by booking direct (often helps to call them). Hotels are looking to increase their bookings during this time, they have been out of business for a while and need to get the customer back through the doors. Take advantage of the situation and grab yourself a bargain.

Speaking of bargains!

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