The best places to book London escorts

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The best places to book London escorts

Obviously, there are loads of places in London to book girls, but there are some places that are better than others. Today we’ll look at some of these places and the reasons why. Hopefully you will pick up a little inside information about the areas we discuss, and it will help you in the future. Don’t forget that you can browse our London escorts by destination by using the location drop down menu.

Better areas

Despite what some people say, there are better areas than others. We’re talking now about the area itself. For example, there are some areas in east and north London that you wouldn’t want to be walking around at night looking for an escort’s incall apartment. The trouble is, because we represent girls mostly in Central and West London, we can’t give you too much information about the safety of other areas based on where girls are located.

However, being London based allows us to pick up on where the bad spots are, but they are based on other people’s experiences and rudimentary reading articles online. We have heard tell that Croydon, Newham, Southwark, Lambeth and Brent are among places that have seen a rapid increase in violent crime. The girls who offer incall escort services in these areas are usually found at less reputable agencies and adverting independently. And as we have said elsewhere before, we do not recommend booking independent escorts anyway.

places to book London escorts

Safer in the West End

There are plenty of different definitions when it comes to the West End. Some say it captures certain areas, and others claim it doesn’t. We would base our view close to Ed Glinert's West End, but would extend it to cover as far as West Kensington perhaps. Either way, there are not as many criminal incidents happening here (well, they may well be happening, but they are not documented and reported upon). Most people who book girls in the West End are overall impressed with the location of the girls’ apartments and they always claim to feel safe and secure.

It must have something to do with the high level of tourist activity and so on. The permanent residents of the Kensington and Chelsea, Mayfair and Knightsbridge are usually much more affluent too. There is hardship and poverty in London in other areas, and this is often closely correlated with crime and general disorder.

Better choice

There is also a better choice of girls in Central London and West End, precisely for this reason. Where there are more affluent clients and tourists, you will always find a greater choice of girls, and better quality too. And this is where the more well established and trusted escort agencies are based, like Babylon Girls.

The girls are quite smart too. They often gravitate to the areas where there are other girls. When you think about it, it’s basic marketing strategy. They see that other girls are working there, so they figure there is plenty of work to be found. They find an apartment there, or share with another girl and “set up shop” so to speak. Some of the most popular areas for large groups of escorts working in the area are: Bayswater and Paddington, Earls Court and Gloucester Road, Mayfair and Knightsbridge. There used to be many more South Kensington escorts of course, but since that article in the press about Chelsea Cloisters a few years back, many girls have stopped staying there. The hardened veteran punters among you will know that there is another very popular place nearby though!

Type of girls

These popular areas reflect the type of girls you will find there. Because they’re in “hotspots” as it were, they are likely to be the best escorts you will find from around £150-300. They are in these places and charge these fees because it’s good business. Many of the same type of girls seem to gravitate to certain areas too strangely enough. Perhaps it’s just because they like to stay near other girls who speak their own language, or perhaps it’s something to do with property ownership and convenience. Whatever it is, we’re not sure. But you will find lots of Russian London escorts hanging out in the Earls Court and Gloucester Road area, and a lot of eastern European girls located in the Bayswater and Paddington areas.

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