The Best Sexual Fetishes

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The Best Sexual Fetishes

If you've ever been curious about a sexual fetish but didn't know how to ask, I've got the list for you. Fetishes are all about letting go of your inhibitions and exploring new things. If you want to learn more about fetishes, this comprehensive list will help get you started:

Foot fetish

Foot fetish is a sexual fetish that involves the feet, as well as shoes, socks, stockings and other types of footwear. It's one of the most common fetishes, with many people having a foot fetish and not even knowing it. At Babylon Girls we have a selection of foot fetish escorts too, so those girls will understand and be able to explain further (and maybe experiment with you!)

Foot fetishists are very particular about the appearance of their partner's feet. They can be attracted to any part of the foot and they may also like to imagine certain scenarios where they'd have their partners' feet in their mouth or rubbing against them. Some foot fetishists collect pictures and videos of girls showing off their pretty pedicures on Instagram for example (and there are plenty out there).

Some people prefer long toes while others prefer short ones; some like painted nails while others prefer natural ones; some enjoy women with high arches while others enjoy flatfeet... Foot lovers can be picky creatures!


BDSM is a type of sexual activity that involves bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. BDSM is about power play between two or more consenting adults who may agree to exchange control for their mutual gratification. It’s a form of sexual expression and it can be very pleasurable if you have the right frame of mind. There are also a lot of BDSM escorts at Babylon Girls.

In many cases it doesn’t matter what your fetish is because we all have a different sense of kink in bed. The only thing that really matters is that both parties are comfortable with what they are doing together in the bedroom; otherwise it will just be sex without any meaning behind it!


A dominatrix is a woman who takes control of her partner. Her role can vary depending on the relationship, but it usually involves dominating another person. The dominant partner is referred to as a domme or dominatrix; the submissive partner is called a sissy or sub.

A domme may be experienced or just starting out, paid or unpaid, and so on—there are many ways to play the role. The dominatrix may be in charge of an entire relationship or simply provide BDSM services for one night only at their dungeon (space where they practice BDSM).

Leather fetish

Leather fetish is a common sexual fetish. Most people who have leather fetishes are into BDSM, and many of them wear leather in public as part of their everyday lifestyle.

Leather is worn by many professional athletes and police officers, which means that people with leather fetishes might be attracted to these professions (and the people who work in them).

There are also some people who don't go out of their way to find others who share their fetish because they're embarrassed about it or afraid that other people will judge them for it.


Latex fetish

Latex is a popular fetish that involves dressing up in or using latex clothing. It's also used to make things like gloves, pants, hoods and other clothing. Latex fetishists like to wear latex clothing or use it as a sex toy. While you can buy these items at specialty shops or online retailers like Amazon, many people who have this fetish prefer to make their own costumes from scratch out of rubber sheets purchased at hardware stores or gas stations.

A lot of people think of BDSM when they hear "latex," but it actually has nothing to do with bondage; unless you count those little straps on your sexy nurse uniform!


Uniforms are a common fetish, and they can be worn by anyone. Whether you're a soldier, a cop, or just someone who likes to wear khakis and turtlenecks on a Friday night; uniforms are for everyone! And you’ll be pleased to hear that we have a nice selection of Uniform escorts at Babylon Girls.

Uniforms can be sexy or sexual, but they don't always have to be. They can also be used for more than just getting it on—they can make your job easier and prevent you from getting distracted at work by your desire to rip off all your clothes and ravage your partner before opening hours. In fact, uniforms should not be considered inherently erotic; rather, the idea of them being erotic should come into play depending on how you feel about them personally.

Body worship

Body worship is when someone worships another person's body. This can be done in a sexual way, or not. Body worship can be done with a partner, or alone. The whole body or just certain parts of it might be worshipped—it all depends on the worshipper's interests and preferences! However, if you're feeling shy about this fetish, know that there are plenty of ways to get started without being too explicit right away: maybe start by admiring your partner's feet while they wear their favourite pair of socks; maybe ask them if they'd like to give you an arm rub; maybe tell them how much their scent turns you on (and then let them know exactly how much).


Cross-dressing is a fetish for wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. Unlike most fetishes, cross-dressing is not associated with sexual arousal but rather with gender expression. For some people, cross-dressing can be used as a form of roleplay; for others, it may be related to their identity as part of the LGBT community. Many people who are not transgender do have a cross-dressing fetish that they enjoy; these individuals often refer to themselves as transvestites or transvestophiles.

The term "cross-dresser" was coined in 1951 by Dr. Alfred Kinsey in his groundbreaking book Sexual Behavior in Human Males (1948). In it he discusses the phenomenon among men and women alike: "In general it may be said that all human beings have shown some degree of interest in at least one form of dress associated with members of the other sex."

Some people are into leather, others are into uniforms. Some have a fetish for feet (foot fetish), while others prefer roleplay games or bondage scenarios. The possibilities are endless when it comes to kinks. We hope you have a better understanding of what each fetish is. If you are interested in exploring one, don’t be afraid to try it! Just remember that not all fetishes are mainstream and may take some time to get used to. Protection Status
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