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Foot fetish escorts are available now from Babylon Girls. All the models you see here on this page are experienced fetish escorts, and they have experience with foot fetishists. Most of them have indulged in many fetishes, far too numerous to mention here, but these girls have a particular fondness for foot fetish. Suffice to say that they all like to look after their bodies, so it would go without saying that if they’re on this page, this would include their feet too. For all you foot fans out there, you will be happy to learn that these London escorts would be happy to show you theirs. Perhaps they will wear some nice shoes too, if you are shoe fetishist too. But mostly we know that it’s more about the elegance of the foot, the shape, the careful pedicures that amplify the beauty of the foot.

For many foot fetish fans, the desire can go much deeper. Sometimes this is referred to as foot worship too. Along with the shape of the feet and toes, it can include jewellery like ankle bracelets and toe rings etc. The worshipping of feet sometimes also involve washing them, or cleaning them in some way. Painting the toenails, massaging the feet, smelling, kissing or licking are all quite common. And of course, because this is sexually arousing, sometimes the touching and stroking of genitals on the feet is involved. Whether or not these foot fetish models will do this for you is not something we can comment on of course, this is something between the two of you.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Understanding Foot Fetishes

If you have a foot fetish, then you will already understand your own desires. But some of you may believe that this is something that is in some way odd or weird. We can assure you that it most certainly is not. There are fetishes for almost anything, and luckily we live in a modern world where people are much more open about what drives them sexually and emotionally. Foot fetishists may still be a little taboo for some people, but when you consider that our uniform escorts would also have been considered odd a long time ago, we have progressed greatly. Having some kinky fun in a nurses outfit, or something similar, is considered practically vanilla these days.

Of course, people will always try to hide their fetishes, no matter what, for one reason or another. The obvious reason is that they may feel ashamed due to other people’s opinions. They may also have a partner who wouldn’t possibly entertain the idea of indulging their fetish. Luckily there are professionals out there that are happy to indulge you, or anyone else who has what others believe to be an odd sexual desire. Here at Babylon Girls of course, we do not consider any legal sexual desire as odd or weird in any way. As you can see from all the girls on this page. We have it on very good authority that they are among the most knowledgeable and sexually liberated foot fetish escorts in London. And we all know how important it is to find someone who understands your needs and desires.

Links to Domination

Foot fetishes can sometimes link with BDSM play too, and perhaps some of you have experience of this. The foot worshipping element of the fetish can often be connected with a Mistress worship. And a dominant mistress may well present her feet to her “slave,” so to speak, as a means of punishment, or to tease them. It may interest you to learn that we have a number of domination escort specialists at the agency too. You might even find that some of the girls in this gallery are present in that one too. If you view the girls’ individual profiles, you will see all the things they enjoy doing. These girls are tremendously talented in many areas.

If you have a foot fetish and you enjoy dominant escorts, you may also be interested to learn that we even have a specialist group of humiliation escorts too. We told you we had girls for practically anything, right? Fetishes and kinks are rarely simple or solitary, so do feel free to browse the girls and examine their skills and credentials. As always, we are happy to answer any reasonable questions or pass along any special requests to the girls you would like to book.


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25th April 2024

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