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Escorts with a Filthy Mouth!

No, we’re not talking about hygiene here, we’re talking about something completely different. Have any of you ever indulged in phone sex before? We’re betting that plenty of you have. Perhaps you still do with your girlfriend or wife? Well, it’s all about the dirty talking isn’t it? It’s a massive turn on to hear a girl talking dirty to you. Telling you what she’d like to do with you if she was there, or (if she is with you), telling you how much she is enjoying what you’re doing! There’s nothing like getting a little encouragement is there?

Well, it will please you gentlemen to learn that we now have a gallery of dirty talking escorts. No, we do not mean they will call you on the phone and talk dirty to you. We don’t even mean that they will talk dirty to you when you meet them; since we have no control over what happens between you. What we can assure you is that they enjoy dirty talking. In much the same way as they have listed many other things that they like to get up to in the bedroom. Dirty talking is just another one of them.

Naughty Words for Naughty Men!

But sometimes it’s enough just to know that a girl like some of the beauties you see on our website, actually enjoy turning men on by naughty talking. Perhaps they might fall for your charms and tell you what they would like to do with you. Especially if they know that you enjoy this, it’s the ultimate tease. If you haven’t experienced the thrills associated with dirty talking, perhaps you would like to try out a phone sex line first and chat with one of those girls. However, at least with Babylon Girls you can count on getting a beautiful woman to do it. When you call those numbers, there’s no telling who you are talking to!

Other New Service Galleries

We have been listening to our clients, and we intend to ask you even more questions in the future to get a good idea where the agency needs to go. So far we have added quite a few new service galleries, so you should be able to find a girl that suits you best of all, based on her sexual preferences. For example, there is now a gallery of face sitting escorts among many others. It really does give you a better chance of booking a girl who shares your preferences and enjoys getting up to the same naughty things as you do.

As always however, we cannot guarantee that you can do these things with the escort you book. That’s not up to us, it’s their choice alone. Also we cannot guarantee that the girls really do enjoy these things as much as they claim to. You can help us out there however, since after you have met with them, you can give us feedback about your booking if you wish and tell us whether or not you think they are genuine. Don’t forget that you can leave a review on the website (no sexual references please), or even better leave one on the independent escort review sites out there. If you need any help identifying these websites or signing up etc. just let us know and our escort community management service will be happy to assist you.

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