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What we love about curvy escorts Celebrate the Curvy Escorts

It doesn’t have to be women’s week here at Babylon Girls, to celebrate those lovely ladies. It’s women’s week every week! But today we celebrate those women with the type of curves that will send your mind crazy with desire. Whether you’re one of those guys who enjoys looking at the firm and toned curves of a Brazilian escort or whether you prefer those women with a few extra pounds here and there, we are happy to be one of the best agencies in London to get what you’re looking for.

In fact, we would go so far as to say, we are one of the only agencies where you can find practically every type of girl you could possibly imagine. We know that there is one category of girl that nearly every man who visits our website is interested in, and they definitely qualify as being “curvy”. We are talking about our delightful busty London escorts of course. If you like big tits, you’ve got more than a handful to choose from in that category!

What is it about curvy women?

We don’t want to talk too much psychology here, but we’re betting that it’s something to do with the maternal model we all grew up with. Those of us with curvy, buxom and loving mothers, are more likely to seek the comfort of those type of women as we mature into adults. It doesn’t take much working out really does it. And no, before you say it, it has nothing to do with wanting to have sex with your mum! That’s not the point. It’s for the same reason that girls who had negligent fathers, tend to go for older more attentive father figure types when they become adults. We’re all only human after all, and we’re all susceptible to deep seated influences.

Curvy girls and their qualities

It’s often not only the appearance and physical qualities of curvy escort girls that stand out for our clients though. With their distinctive and highly sought after shapes, these girls develop entire personalities based on their appearance.

Going back to what we mentioned earlier, you will often find that those naturally curvy girls are much more nurturing and affectionate than many other girls. It’s almost as though they view their shape in the same light. Not only are they physically amazing to hold in your arms, they also reciprocate with warmth and affection like you’ve never experienced before. This is even more true of the more mature ladies of course. They are also incredibly confident with their bodies and overall appearance. This is due to them getting constant attention and learning to deal with it so that it becomes a welcome part of their life that shows them true appreciation. This is true most of all for those girls with the big boobs of course. Those ladies could hardly disguise those, even if they wanted to. So, what do they do? They show them off, that’s what! And why not?

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