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A Word About Strippers

We would like to take a moment to talk about strippers. A lovely topic, we’re sure you agree! As you are already aware, escort agencies get a lot of strippers applying to be a part of the community. Not all of them make it onto the pages of Babylon Girls of course, but those that do are usually among some of the best we list. There’s something about hiring a stripper as an escort that you really should experience for yourself. It’s not all about their look either. Stripper escorts are usually very confident young ladies. They are comfortable in their bodies, and very proud to show them off. They realise how desirable they are, which makes them very good at offering escorting services.

Booking a stripper for escort services is always going to be rewarding. As we said, it’s not always about the main event (if indeed they do strip for you). This confidence will really come out if you decide to take the girls out on a date, or perhaps to a club or casino. They know how to work a room, and the people around them; they truly are a joy to behold. And the best thing about taking a lap dancer out for a drink or to a club, is that it doesn’t matter how many guys check her out, or try to hit on her, you have booked her and she has eyes only for you! You will be the most envied man in any situation. Just look at the London escorts on our website, they are all incredibly beautiful.

The Strip!

Firstly, we would like to make it very clear, as we do about all the girls and their preferences and “services,” so to speak. Whatever you get up to with the girls, or whatever they decide to do with you, is entirely at their discretion. Just because she’s a stripper, or former stripper, it does not mean she will want to get her clothes off for you.

You’ve all been in a strip club before, we’re sure. You can pay the girls a small fee and they will take you to a private room or section of the club, and they will dance for you for the duration of a song. They are very talented at what they do, but the experience is often too short, and it leaves you just wanting more and more. Now consider that you have booked one of our specialist striptease escorts. The experience is going to be much more private, and it’s going to last a whole lot longer. You could even be in for even more action with your chosen girl if you play your cards right! But that’s between the two of you.

Having that lap dancing experience in the privacy of your own hotel room or apartment, or in the privacy of the girls apartment, is something else entirely. The comfort and security of the experience alone is enough to take you to heaven. And you don’t have to restrict yourselves to just one song! Who knows, she might even invite you to dance for her for a song too. These girls are a lot of fun to be with, and they are very sexually liberated. Have you ever dreamed about being able to touch your stripper when you go to a club? Well, with an escort stripper, you might be lucky enough to be able to do this too!


Above all else, you must always respect your London escort. No matter what you are doing with the girls, no matter where you are going, you must always respect the girls. This is always the best practice with escorts, and you will be greatly rewarded if you do so. Contact Babylon Girls if you have any questions about our lap dancers. Protection Status
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