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The Best Girlfriend Experience

The best girlfriend experience has to be with your girlfriend doesn’t it? Well, not necessarily. It all depends on the bonds you have developed of course. If you haven’t been with your girlfriend for long, then you are unlikely to have made any really deep bonds. These come from shared experiences, trauma, happiness and all manner of human emotion. They come from living together, making plans and all those lovely things you see everyone doing in movies and literature. However, let us not forget all the experiences that are not so nice. If you’re going to develop long and lasting bonds with a girlfriend or wife, make sure that the good times outweigh the bad, and you’re not just clinging onto something because you’re afraid of being alone, or you’re just to each other. It’s a fact that some married people go through their entire lives fighting and complaining, and never stop to think that they could both be happy with someone else, or alone.

Let’s be honest with each other here. The best experiences with your current partner (if you have one), or even the last partner you had, are mostly when there are good times. It’s parties, holidays, kissing, and of course fantastic sex. It’s not holding her hair out of the way when she’s being sick in the toilet at 02.00 am. It’s not babysitting her niece and nephew and sitting through hours of Disney movies. It’s not cooking a crappy meal and pretending it’s nice. Can we agree on that? It’s the good times. The real good times, not the ones you lie about.

GFE London Escorts

This is where girlfriend experience escorts come into play. With a GFE escort, you don’t have to put up with all the negative parts of having a girlfriend, and you can have all the good bits precisely when you want them, for as long as you want them. It’s like filtering the bad girlfriend parts away!

The nagging, the arguments, the compromises about where to go to dinner, or where to go on holiday, visiting friends and family you don’t like; the list goes on and on. We are sure that even if you don’t have a girlfriend now, you can relate to this

And by the way, this is why those that already have partners and book escorts, actually do it in the first place. Because they want more of the good times. And is that such a bad thing? Some would argue that it is and it’s better to be single when you’re cheating on your partner, but who are we to judge? Humans are animals after all, and we act on instinct. It’s perfectly natural to pursue the things that make you truly happy, and if that happens to be spending time with a London escort, then so be it!

GFE Professionals

You know the girls at Babylon are not your girlfriends, and they know they’re not. But this transactional relationship that takes place is no less real. The girls that offer this type of service are truly remarkable. They are doting and caring, considerate and very passionate. They will behave just like they are your girlfriend, no matter what type of date you end up booking. Many of them could easily pass as your actual girlfriend if you were to take them out to a social gathering. You could make a lot of people very jealous with one of these beautiful high class models on your arm. Protection Status
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