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Choosing Natural or Enhanced Breasts With London Escorts

Let’s talk about boobs

It doesn’t matter if you say you’re a “boob man” or not, we know that you are. All men are, it’s simple. There’s just something about a nice pair of tits that gets the motor running. But what is considered as a “nice pair” could mean anything from one man to the next. So what’s your definition of a nice pair of tits? Do you like them big, or do you like them small? And it doesn’t stop there does it? There is so much to consider, and no two women ever seem to be the same.

Some of you might believe that big boobs are the most popular, but you would be surprised to learn the amount of Babylon clients who book girls with regular or small sized breasts. Yes, there are a lot of other things to consider when you book a London escort of course. Perhaps sometimes there is a trade-off of sorts when choosing the perfect girl. The client may prefer big boobs, but she may have such a wonderfully beautiful face and body, that the client simply must see her. Either way, the bookings we get for both types seem to be evened out most of the time. So that goes to show that sometimes there are just as many big boob lovers out there as there are those that prefer smaller breasts.

New Galleries

As you may have noticed, we have spent quite a lot of time creating even more categories for the website, to help you make a more informed decision. And whilst it’s incredibly difficult to get all possible categories of breasts within our pages, we have decided to create a gallery of escorts with enhanced breasts, and those that are natural. We can’t very well get any more precise than this, and we don’t have a lot to go on really; only what we are told and what we can see in the pictures we are sent.

Herein lies another problem of course. The girls send their information over with their applications. As well as a list of specialist services, their fees, and their stats, they will sometimes indicate whether or not they have enhanced boobs or not. It’s not always the case, and now that we have new galleries, it sometimes necessitates us asking them directly to get the information we need. But this does not prevent a girl with implants sometimes claiming that she is an escort with natural boobs. There isn’t much we can do about this really, unless it’s glaringly obvious from her pictures. It’s not as though we go around to the girls’ apartments and feel their boobs for ourselves! Wouldn’t that be a good job?

However, as we have created the galleries and examined all the girls pictures, and their original applications, we believe that they have been placed as accurately as humanly possible. Obviously, if you just like escorts with big tits, and you don’t care whether they are enhanced or not, this won’t apply to you anyway. There are girls for every taste at Babylon Girls!

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