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Welcome to our gallery of WS escorts (receiving). Please remember that there are three different types of WS escorts. There are those that enjoy giving WS, those that enjoy receiving WS, and then those that enjoy both. If you are looking for girls who enjoy both, you should check both giving and receiving galleries to find them, or check on their individual profiles. Remember just because they enjoy giving WS, it does not mean that they enjoy receiving WS. It takes all type of girls, with all types of kinks and preferences, to make a good escort agency!

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Water Sports Escorts

It might be a good idea to refresh your mind exactly what water sports are. It’s a common term that is used to refer to anyone who gets sexual gratification out of urinating on another, or being urinated on by another. It’s an incredibly erotic experience for some. In this case, we are talking about girls who enjoy being urinated on. This could be connected to a desire to be submissive and allow another person to humiliate them in some way perhaps, thus giving them a feeling of power. There’s one thing for sure, you are very unlikely to find a girl advertising herself in this gallery if she doesn’t really get a genuine kick out of being peed on. It’s not something that many people would do if they didn’t like it, no matter how much money they were paid. So rest assured, the girls you see here are genuine water sport escorts who like to be peed on by their lovers. But remember, this does not mean that you will be their lover!

And just because we mentioned that water sports can sometimes be part of a bigger power play that both parties are interested in, it doesn’t mean this is always the case. Understanding sexual preferences is complex. Sometimes a person just gets a real kick out of being urinated on, and it has nothing to do with one person dominating the other. It’s important, if you were to ever find yourself faced with this, to understand these complexities and discuss them with the person you are engaged in these actions with.

Extra Fees Involved in Services

Whether a girl is interested in water sports or not, or any other service on her profile that’s listed, it’s not always a given that she will perform these. We have said this already, but you also need to consider, were you lucky enough to be offered any service, we have come to learn that there is often an extra charge. CIM escorts for example, often charge extra fees for that service if they offer it to their dates. We can’t possibly comment on what goes on between an escort and client of course, it would be wrong of us to assume we knew, since we’re not there. And we make no promises that anything at all will happen between you and your chosen girl. Just be aware that these conversations my happen if you are getting along particularly well. And remember that this is a professional companion you are dealing with, so she deserves to be paid well for the time she is spending with you.

Respect your escorts

It goes without saying that you need to respect your escort, and her wishes, whether it’s what you want or not. You are dealing with a human being, and she deserves to be treated as such. This is not a sex robot, there to do your bidding, so please do not make any unwanted assumptions about what you will be able to do on your date. If you feel this way, it’s probably best you ask questions either before you book, or at the very least at your initial meeting. This way neither of you are wasting your time or suffering disappointment.

More Escort Sexual Preferences

The girls at Babylon are very diverse, and they come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and preferences. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of escorts. You will often find that those girls who enjoy these kinky sexual preferences, are very liberated and open minded, and will have many more fetishes and kinks to share with those they choose. For example, an escort who likes to be urinated on, may well be one of those escorts who enjoy CIM encounters, or perhaps they are particularly talented at giving deep throat blowjobs. The lists go on and on. The only sad thing is that we simply wouldn’t have the space to tell you everything about these girls.

Of course, part of the fun of booking girls to spend time with, is learning more about them and what makes them tick. They all have their very own unique personalities, they’re all highly intelligent, strong and confident women, who have chosen this career because they love everything about it. The type of girls we get at Babylon are here for a good time, but not always a long time, so get your bookings in fast!


Understanding our Clients

Stay tuned to Babylon Girls. Read our new blog article about understanding client needs, and much more.

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