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Travel escorts are available now from Babylon Girls. These girls are specialist travel escorts, meaning basically that they travel. It’s important to understand that when they are in this gallery, it does not mean that they are touring escorts; that’s something completely different. Whilst we are sure some girls do tour the country, and indeed the world pursuing their escorting career, if they are on this page, they also like to travel with their clients. Have you ever wanted to just take off for the weekend, or even longer on a little vacation, but you want a beautiful London escort to accompany you? Well, these would be the girls you would choose from.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

What is a Travel Escort?

So you want to know how it works? Well, it’s like this. Travel escorts are the girls you book to take a trip with you, or come and visit you outside of London if the circumstances are right. And herein lies the problem when it comes to travelling escorts. They will not go just anywhere at the drop of a hat. If they are going to go away with you on a trip somewhere, it all has to be verified and paid in advance before you go. They are not likely to go just because you tell them that you have two tickets to the Bahamas, are they? They may be trusting girls, but they are not that trusting. It becomes very difficult to fully explain the ins and outs of booking travel escorts here on this page. So, if you want more in depth information about a particular girl, it’s really best to speak directly to our receptionists, who will then make the necessary arrangements or at the very least be able to answer your questions.

Know the Details

If you really want to take one of the girls away on holiday, or away for the weekend etc. you really need to know details. You will need to know when you are leaving, and when you will be back of course. And this is not just so we can work out the fee you will need to pay, it’s also because the girls need to make their own arrangements for when they are away. They may already have existing bookings, or they may be planning to visit someone else, or even go back home. Obviously you are not going to be booking a 30 minute escort experience if you’re going away for the weekend, and the girls will need to be paid for the entire time away from London of course. So you will need to know exactly (or as near as you can) how many hours you will be booking. We are pretty sure that the girls you book from this page will not charge you full price for every single hour, and there will probably be a considerable discount for trips away, but they still have to make a living. And when you consider how many bookings they are going to be turning down because they are away on holiday with you, it becomes tricky to work out a figure. Rest assured however, that Babylon Girls is always ready to negotiate on your behalf when it comes to the girls and their bookings.

The Girls Need Time Off

It’s entirely up to them of course, but either way you need to understand that if you have booked a girl to go on vacation with you, she may well require a certain amount of alone time too. Whilst you may want to spend every waking moment in her company, she may need space. She must get enough time off each day if she requests it. And it’s the gentlemanly thing to honour her requests. Besides, the girls will be much more appreciative and eager to please, if they are adequately refreshed and well rested. Speaking of refreshed, it goes without saying that all of the girls’ expenses will need to be covered by you. We are assuming that if you have enough money to book a girl to go away with you on a trip, you will have enough money to pay all of her expenses too; her food, drinks, and any entertainment and travel expenses she may have.


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