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Squirting escorts are now available from Babylon Girls. Girls that squirt are considered quite a rarity to be honest with you, so we don’t always expect there to be all that many on this page. But if you see them here, they certainly can do it! And contrary to what you may believe, or what you may have been told, squirting is an actual thing. Now you get the opportunity to ask a London escort all about it if you want. But we’re guessing that, considering you are already here on this page, you’ve already either experienced it for yourself or you have watched some pretty steamy movies. And there are plenty of movies out there for you to do some “research” if you want’ just Google it (but make sure you’re alone!)

It’s a mystery to many people, why and how the girls squirt during intercourse, but it’s pretty certain that they need to be having a pretty good time! Perhaps the face sitting escorts have a particularly exciting time. Maybe there are some of them here on this page. That could lead to a pretty messy experience if you were lucky enough to have one of these girls sitting on your face!

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Girls Who Squirt

Girls who squirt don’t usually advertise it to everyone, mostly because they are sadly under the impression that it’s not an attractive quality, and that men won’t like it. Some men don’t of course, but not you we realise. You are lucky enough to be looking at a wonderful array of escort girls however, so they are very proud of their sexual preferences and abilities. They want to share with you, not only because they want to make some money, they share with you because they are highly sexual creatures. Most of them are utterly insatiable, and they want to meet a variety of different men. But please don’t make the mistake of believing that just because they write their preferences on their profiles, that they will automatically do these things with you. Just because a girl likes to be rimmed, it doesn’t mean she’s going to like you doing it to her. You understand what we’re saying of course?

So what makes them squirt? We already said that they would need to be very sexually stimulated, but it’s important to understand that these ladies may not always be able to do it on demand, and it may not always be through intercourse. We’re betting that 80% of the squirting that these girls do is brought about by using sex toys, and certainly by masturbating themselves. After all, a man can’t always do what a vibrator or one of those magic wands can do, right? Doesn’t matter how long you’re down there with a flashlight and your tool box; these girls are not machines, you have to work at it!

If you are interested in seeing some girls squirt for you personally (for “research” purposes), it may also interest you to learn that you can visit webcam sites too. There are girls on there from all over the world that are always squirting all over the place. You can watch them, and they can even watch you too. It would give you a good idea about what to expect. But if you prefer trying your luck with a girl in person, you are probably better off taking your chances with a squirting escort. In truth there’s no telling what makes any of these girls squirt, and they are all bound to be turned on in different ways. The only way to find out more about them, is to book them!

Turn Them On!

If you get along well with one of the girls you see here, or even “score,” you may be able to find out a lot more than you think about what drives a woman. For example, some women get off on doing things to you, rather than you doing anything specific to them. We have some great tie and tease escort specialists, that really get a kick out it. Then there are always the domination escorts. For some women, there really is nothing like having a man exactly where you want him to turn you on!


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31st May 2024

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