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Prostate massage escorts have become increasingly more popular in recent years. Probably due to the increased awareness of prostate health in general and the benefits of a prostate massage. It takes a particular type of specialist for a prostate massage, and not all massage escorts are either capable, or willing to perform this for their clients. Some people believe that it’s not the job of a London escort to give prostate massages, but it’s not all about being specifically qualified either. Experience is a lot to do with it. The girls you see on this page are all experienced at giving prostate massages (otherwise they wouldn’t be here). Whilst we realise they are skilled in so many other ways too, if you really want to experience the pleasure and medical benefits of having a prostate massage, why not book a beautiful woman to do it for you? Kind of makes sense, right?

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

Perfectly Normal

Getting a prostate massage is a completely normal thing to do by the way. We realise that many people believe it to be taboo, or unnecessary, but it’s really not. Hell, your doctor may even recognise the need for a prostate massage, and even do it themselves for you during a prostate exam. You can also get prostate massages from professionals outside of the escort industry of course, we just believe that it’s much more fun with one of our girls.

Incorporating Sensual Massage

Those girls who specialise in prostate massage, as well as regular sensual massage are probably your best choice out of those you see here. Tantric massage specialists in particular can give you an incredible experience by stroking and caressing every inch of your body, including your genitals, and incorporating a very gentle and sensual prostate massage at the same time. The sexual energy and tension that is produced in this instances can be very intense. It’s not something we could describe and do justice here; you would have to experience it for yourself.

The Prostate Massage

Depending on your age, you may already know a lot about the prostate, or you may know nothing at all. It’s definitely something that can do with a little pampering from time to time, and an integral part of your sexual function. Massaging the prostate eases pressure and sometimes helps with enlarged prostates too, by releasing the build up of fluid. So when you book an escort that specialises in this, you’re actually doing your body a lot of good. However, we wouldn’t recommend using this as an excuse if your wife or girlfriend discovers your fascination with the wonderful world of escorting!

The pleasure of a prostate massage (when administered by a sexy young woman of course), cannot possibly be described effectively. It’s something that you would have to experience first hand in order to fully appreciate it. For some of you, just the feeling of the penetration would be enough to tip you over the edge, but the massaging of the prostate can be one of the most erotic and pleasurable experiences of you life. You may also be interested in some of our strap on escorts too. Some of them may be present in this gallery, so who knows what they might do your prostate massage with! You could be in for a blissful experience!

Experimenting with sex toys and fetish

It may also be a good idea to introduce yourself to a few of our sex toy escorts if you’re interested in that kind of thing. These are girls who are also interested in being penetrated, both anally and vaginally, by sex toys; as well as using them on their lovers. Whether or not you will be one of their lovers however, remains to be seen of course. The girls you see here are all very open minded and sexually liberated, and really quite experimental. You might find that there are a lot of fetish escorts too at Babylon Girls. It’s a good idea to “spread your wings,” as it were and explore all the areas of your imagination, then book a girl that best suits what you’re looking for.


Understanding our Clients

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31st May 2024

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