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FK London escorts are available for discreet and professional incall and outcall London escort services from Babylon Girls. All the girls you see on this page enjoy French kissing and they have informed us of this when they joined the agency. However, it is important to understand that, just because they have informed us that they enjoy kissing in this way, it does not mean that they will do this with every client they meet.

All extra services are offered at the individual escorts’ discretion. Please be aware of this before booking with Babylon Girls. It’s also worth mentioning here that, not all FK escorts are DFK London escorts (deep French kiss). There is a difference, and again, as we said, all services are at the girls’ discretion.

Important Note: All services are offered at individual escort's discretion. Extra charges are applied for some services - please ensure you ask before you book.

French Kiss London Escorts

The French kiss, known for its passionate and intimate nature, has captivated people around the world for centuries. Often portrayed in films and literature as the ultimate expression of love and desire, the French kiss has a rich and fascinating history that extends beyond its sensual reputation. Allow Babylon Girls to delve into the origins of the French kiss, explore what it actually entails, and consider why people have such varied reactions to this passionate form of affection.

The Origins and Allure of the French Kiss

The exact origin of the French kiss remains a subject of debate among historians and scholars, but we do know an awful lot of European London escorts that are very good at it! So chances are it’s from there. Some suggest that it dates back to ancient civilizations, while others believe it evolved over time. One common theory traces the practice to the early 19th century in France, where it was initially known as "tongue kissing" or "soul kissing." It is essential to note that kissing, in various forms, has been a part of human culture for millennia, with depictions of intimate mouth-to-mouth contact found in ancient art and literature from different parts of the world.


The French kiss's association with France may have more to do with its codification and popularization than its actual origin. French culture has long been associated with romance and sensuality, and it was in France that the kiss gained prominence and recognition as an art form of its own. You’ll find that all of the girls at Babylon are romantic and sensual however, especially some of those Latin American London escorts!

>What is a French Kiss?

A French kiss is a deep and passionate form of kissing that involves the use of the tongue. Unlike a peck on the cheek or a simple lip kiss, a French kiss involves the intertwining of tongues between two people. It is an intimate expression of affection and desire, often reserved for more serious romantic relationships. Alternatively it is commonly experienced as part of an incredibly passionate encounter with a partner, not necessarily a romantic relationship. Like our OWO London escorts, those that like to French kiss do not always need a reason; they just love it!

The process of a French kiss generally involves the following steps:

Eye Contact: A French kiss often begins with prolonged eye contact, which helps build anticipation and connection between the two individuals. When you get eye contact from an FK London escort, it’s really something special for sure. Even better perhaps when she’s a CIF London escort!

Lip Lock: The kiss starts with a gentle lip-to-lip contact. It's crucial to ensure both partners are comfortable and willing participants.

Tongue Engagement: As the kiss deepens, the tongues of both individuals become involved. They may gently explore each other's mouths, using their tongues to enhance the sensation.

Passionate Rhythm: The intensity and rhythm of a French kiss can vary depending on the couple's chemistry and desires. Some prefer slow and tender kisses, while others engage in more passionate and fiery exchanges.

Why People Like the French Kiss

The French kiss's appeal lies in its ability to foster a profound emotional and physical connection between two people. Here are some reasons why people enjoy this intimate form of affection:

Intimacy and Connection: A French kiss allows for a deep emotional connection, making it a powerful way to express love and desire.

Sensuality: The use of tongues adds an element of sensuality and passion, heightening the physical and emotional experience. Other sensual escort experiences might be an electrifying date with a London escort massage specialist, who knows the art of sensual massage.

Variety and Excitement: French kissing is versatile, and couples can experiment with different techniques and intensities to keep their romantic lives exciting and fresh.

Symbol of Trust: Engaging in a French kiss is a sign of trust and vulnerability, as it requires both partners to be comfortable and open with each other.

Why Some Dislike the French Kiss

While the French kiss has many enthusiasts, it's not for everyone. Some individuals may dislike it for various reasons, including:

Personal Comfort: Some people may find the idea of deep tongue kissing uncomfortable or even unpleasant.

Hygiene Concerns: Concerns about oral hygiene and the exchange of bacteria can deter individuals from enjoying French kisses.

Cultural or Religious Beliefs: Cultural or religious beliefs can influence one's perspective on physical intimacy, leading some to avoid or disapprove of French kissing.

This is why you must always check with your chosen French kiss escort at the beginning of your booking. The French kiss, with its mysterious origins and passionate allure, remains a symbol of love, desire, and intimacy. Whether it's cherished for its ability to deepen emotional connections or criticized for being too intense, the French kiss continues to be a powerful expression of affection that transcends cultures and time. Ultimately, its significance lies in the consensual and meaningful exchange of emotions between two people, making it a timeless and cherished aspect of human relationships.


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