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Welcome to our gallery of selfie escorts at Babylon Girls.

This gallery is dedicated to all those girls in London who have natural, untouched images of themselves. Do you want to see what your London escorts really look like? Of course you do! Whilst we appreciate those beautiful studio images the girls present us with, we do love it when they show us a “Selfie” or two. Their studio shots are marvellous for showing you just what they look like in their beautiful dresses and lingerie, but they do not always show how naturally stunning the girls really are. This Babylon Girls selfie escort gallery consists only of those girls that have selfies on their profile. So, you can get a good look at what your chosen companion will look like the moment she turns up at your hotel, or you ring her door buzzer!

You may also be interested in viewing our escort video gallery, where you can see all the girls who have taken videos of themselves (mostly on their phones). These too are mostly untouched, so you can get an even better idea what they are really like. Some of the girls you see here may have videos too. It’s easy to spot them, because they have a small video icon on the profile picture.

Selfies are the future of escorting

Along with videos, this seems to be the way that so many of you are choosing your girls. You can’t blame the girls for having some of their studio shots retouched here and there though. When a young woman joins the London escorting community (at any agency), she sees that all the other girls have glamorous photos on their profiles. They must compete in any way they can just to get noticed, so they do the same. It is not easy being a London escort these days you know. You will find that many of the escorts that have selfies in this gallery, also have many studio pictures. As we said, these are mostly just to get noticed. They do understand the importance of having selfies, and they know that this is one of the main reasons they get booked.

However, the times are changing, and Babylon Girls are here to meet the increasing demands and preferences of their clients. We are aware that there are many of you who would prefer to see more selfies. Some of the girls in this gallery show you close ups of their pretty faces, some of them show you what their bodies look like with no picture enhancements, but they all share one thing in common. Their selfies are all verifiably real and untouched. That is with the exception of some of the iPhone filters here and there, but we know that you guys aren’t stupid and you know the difference. Besides, these things never cover up the important details. We’re proud to present you with our Selfie gallery and we hope that it will help you make a more informed decision about who you choose book.

We never enhance images

We are an agency that has a strict policy on not enhancing any of the images. The only thing we will do is place a little watermark banner over the picture to discourage other agencies from taking the pictures. However, we cannot be held responsible for the editing that takes place before we receive the pictures. The process is very simple really. When a model applies to be an escort, she sends us her details and pictures. We review the best pictures to put on the website, and all the necessary details, and then we’re good to go. So you see, our involvement in the production of images is negligible. We can only decide what to publish.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us, we are only too happy to help.


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24th July 2024

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