Winter Warming Escorts for February

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Booking escorts in the winter

Winter Warming Escorts for February

It may be cold outside, but let’s face it, it’s not as cold as it used to be in February. We’ve all been to an escort’s apartment with freezing hands in desperate need of warming up before haven’t we? We’ve all touched a girl’s ass and made her jump out of her skin with a giggle! But we’re betting that you haven’t been doing that this year have you? These days it’s hard to tell when the winter is here!

Whether you’re having a “cold” day or not, we have some sensational New Escorts for you to choose from. They just keep coming to London for their fun and frolics. You can tell that they have a great time when they’re here, simply because they keep coming back for more. Those Russian escorts are a prime example of this. They come over for a couple of month, then return home, only to come back as soon as they can. The money is good yes, but you have to admit, they wouldn’t come back if they didn’t like it. If there is anything a Russian woman knows, it’s her own mind. These are powerful, confident women who won’t do anything they don’t want to!

Your Incall Etiquette

Considering that it is winter time, and we are (occasionally) subject to some inclement weather conditions here in London, we would like to remind our clients to be considerate when they attend incall bookings. Going to an incall escort’s apartment is a privilege, regardless of whether or not you have paid for it. It’s their home, their place of business, and they like to keep it clean and tidy. If you are asked to remove your shoes in the entrance hall of any apartment, please just do so without any complaint. It’s common in some countries to do this anyway, but Irregardless of this fact, if you are asked to do it, just do it. These girls are not cleaners, and they don’t want to have to mop up snow or rain off their floors throughout the apartment between each booking. Whatever you can do to keep clean and tidy during your stay will be greatly appreciated.

We would also like to give another gentle reminder to those clients who feel that they don’t need to take a shower before their booking. We’re not quite sure who these clients think they are, but there are no exceptions when it comes to the girls. If they desire you to take a shower before they get close to you, you should simply do it. Do not complain, do not refuse, or you may be asked to leave. If we receive any complaints from clients regarding this matter, we will always take the side of the escort girls we represent. There is absolutely no excuse not to be hygienic when it comes to an escort meeting, and any argument against it will be simply ignored. We do hope we have made ourselves very clear on this matter.

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