Will Babylon Girls reopen?

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Will Babylon Girls Open Soon Will Babylon Girls reopen?

The short answer to this is yes. We will reopen, but we will only reopen when the time is absolutely right to do so. There is no “exit strategy” as yet from the British government, just a lot of hearsay. This is a little disappointing, but understandable considering the circumstances. It’s not for us to say really at this time, we must rely on advice from the British government.

What will happen when we reopen?

Again, this is hard to say, but thankfully the London escort business is not about mass gatherings, so the risks are relatively low. We suppose that you have more chance of catching the virus on the tube or in your office than from an escort. This is simply because you’re around more people, so the chances are drastically higher. A professional London escort is not likely to be working if she has symptoms of Covid-19. Yes, we realise that symptoms may present themselves later, but that would be the same with everyone. Commuters will come into contact with more people than London escorts, even if the girl in question is doing many bookings.

A lot of this has to come down to good faith and trust, again like everyone else. If you go back to work in your office, you are trusting that those you work with have been sensible enough to monitor their own health and not come to work if they are ill. We have never had control over the girls we represent at Babylon Girls, and this is unlikely to change, but we do know that they are smart girls. They are fully aware of the measures that need to be taken.

Precautions likely to take place

We do not think that escorts will implement a face mask policy or anything like that! The type of measure they may decide to take are more likely to be limiting the number of bookings they have, and keeping a check of their temperature, whilst monitoring their general health. This is just how we would imagine of course. Without actually speaking with the girls directly, it’s hard to say. Perhaps we will advise them to do this for their own safety. At least it would limit the chance of virus infection.


Then of course there is the question of the all elusive tests. If a vaccine is not found, people will more than likely become reliant on frequent testing. If these become widely available and cost effective, this could be something that we see escorts girls using. The most important thing to understand and to fully respect here of course is whatever the girls wish to do. Meaning that if they do not want to work, they do not have to work. It’s also worth pointing out that some of the girls may well be less inclined to give you a friendly kiss when you meet. They will be as anxious about everything as everyone else is. It is and has been a very difficult time, and getting back to normal could be a massive challenge. One that Babylon Girls is prepared to face.

Have any more ideas?

Perhaps you have some ideas about how the girls could get back to work after the lockdown? We realise some people have suggesting video linking to the girls to have “virtual dates,” but we don’t think this is viable at the moment and not many clients would be interested in this. You can’t really replace being in the company of one of these beautiful women, with a video call can you? Email us with your ideas

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