Why do clients book Petite escorts?

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Why do clients book Petite escorts?

Just why do some people prefer their girls to be small in stature? As a prominent London escort agency, it interests us why our clients book from the petite London escort range, rather than any other. After all, we wouldn’t have an gallery to book these girls from if they were not popular. In much the same way as girls with big boobs get booked. Because the busty ladies get booked often, we developed a category just for them. But what is it about them that gets you guys all excited?

We believe that it is primarily a physical thing. The appearance of a petite woman is very cute and highly desirable to some. They give off the impression that they are somehow weaker or in need of someone to take care of them. A smaller girl allows a man to feel his natural masculine self, rather than try to hide it as best he can. We are living in a world that is increasingly difficult for men to be men (or at least the men they used to be). Because women no longer rely on men to do most things for them, and the world is quite rightly no longer controlled by men, there is a shift in dynamics. This shift leaves many men unaware how they should behave, in particular how they should behave with a woman.

The ladies love the attention

Many of these smaller ladies have long been aware of how desirable they are in this respect. They know the struggles men face, and when it comes to London escorts, they know how to exploit this desire to their advantage, whilst providing an excellent service to their clients. There are many women who still love a man to be a real man. They like the men in their life to take control occasionally and be assertive in all areas, including love making. But these women do not necessarily have to be petite in stature. It’s just that the smaller women who like this type of treatment, often find it easier to find men willing to take the lead. Tall slim models are often intimidating to some men, and they cannot often convey that they want a man to take control, so it is harder for them.

Petite girls are not all submissive

Asian girls are often assumed to be submissive because of their cultural history, as well as the fact that they are small in stature. So it becomes incredibly difficult for them to assert that they are not in need of a man to take the lead. This can lead to some awkward times for them on the dating scene. It’s different for European women of course, and it is important as a client that you understand this. Just because a girl is smaller and arguably weaker than you, it does not mean that you are automatically in charge and she should do whatever you tell her to do. If you have this attitude, no matter what type of escort you choose, you could find yourself in a lot of bother, or even kicked out of one of their apartments.

We are sure you all have your own reasons for booking the types of girls that you do, and it will come as a great pleasure to learn that Babylon Girls has every category under the sun! Go and browse the girls and find your favourite type. If you need any help at all, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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