Why choosing new escorts is a great experience

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Why choosing new escorts is a great experience

We wouldn’t presume to tell you that it’s better to book a new girl than one of the lovely ladies we’ve had working with the agency for a while. There are some girls at Babylon that have been with us for a long time, and they are incredibly popular, and always get great escort reviews. In fact if you were to call the agency and speak to Yana or one of the other receptionists we have, you would quickly discover that these girls would be among the first they would recommend. This is because our reception staff develop their relationships with the girls over time. They learn about what they like and don’t like, they learn what hours are best to book them, and they understand our clients and their needs. Matching a client with an escort that we know personally is not a hard job. It becomes difficult to recommend a new girl because we simply don’t always know so much about them.

This is one reason why we like our clients to book the new girls, if only so that we can find out some information. You should always try to leave a review on the website for your escort experience, and if at all possible, send a quick message to us and let us know if you had a great time or not. We will use your information, and the information we get from booking numbers, to find out how popular a new girl really is. When it comes to some of the Russian girls we represent, they don’t always hang around here in London long enough for us to get a good idea about them. It’s a shame really, because they’re all mostly very good, and they certifiably gorgeous!

The best bits about a new London escort

New London escorts have an immediate appeal to some of our clients, simply because they’re a new face on the website. If you are easily bored, you may tire of seeing the same faces week in week out, and new girls will always be welcomed, and you’ll always book them. So there is that. But we find that one of the main reasons our clients book new girls is because they enjoy the thought of being one of the first to experience these girls when they arrive in London. The new girls become popular, but they become popular right at the very beginning, when they first “land” on the website. After this it tails off until another new girl is added.

This is understandable of course. And whilst you should never be naïve enough to believe that the girl you are booking hasn’t seen many clients before, you will be among the first she sees in London. On top of this, it’s all very new to her, and she is likely to be incredibly impressionable. This is another quality that clients look for. Some girls in this business can become complacent, and even wary of with their clients, and this leads to a unfulfilling experience. This is rarely the case with a new girl, because 9 times out of 10, it’s their first time in London (or even the UK), and they don’t know what to expect from clients. They do not know what is considered normal etc. and they are looking for direction almost. Escorting is different all over the world, and you would be surprised at how different clients in the UK are from clients in Dubai for example. Suffice to say, the escorts we get at Babylon all love working here in London, and they find the London clients among the best in the world.

If you’re the type that likes to take your dates out for the evening, you couldn’t choose a more appreciative escort than a new girl. They more than likely haven’t been out in London to dine, or even have drinks and such, so your efforts here will be richly rewarded with much affection and attention we’re sure. You really can impress the hell out of a girl if she has travelled across the world from a place that may well be quite poor, to go out for dinner with you in Mayfair where the cost of your meal would probably feed her family for three months! Sadly we can’t do much about global income disparity, but we can do our bit to allow these girls to make as much money as they want.

Always better when there are plenty of new girls

Luckily, with agencies like Babylon Girls, you will never have any shortage of new girls. There is always a handful of girls being added to the website each week, and they all get bookings. You may think that with this many girls on the website, how on earth can they possibly get enough work, but they really do. What can we say? Escorting is a very popular hobby, so there’s little wonder why they end up coming to London. They go where the demand is highest.

Always a great choice of new girls with Babylon Girls.

And always a Happy Ending!

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