Why are other agencies open?

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Are escort agencies open

Why are other agencies open?

Some clients have commented on the fact that other agencies have remained open throughout the entire pandemic so far. These agencies have remained open throughout March, April and into May. It is not for us to comment on the matter, and we pass no judgement on other agencies. It is not really our place. Everyone must do what they can to survive in this business, we understand, it’s hard enough as it is. To the other agencies out there, we feel your pain and we stand with you in the struggle Covid-19 has created.

Babylon Girls made the choice to close back in March, primarily to prevent the spread of Covid-19, to help protect the girls, and our clients. It does make it harder when other agencies do not follow the same ideology, but it is not for us to “police” the entire industry. We know the girls very well indeed, and we realise that they need money to survive, but we also know that it’s not safe for them and that many of them will continue to work no matter what. Although it may sound harsh, our decision to temporarily close also helps to restrict the number of bookings the girls can do. In our opinion this has been a good thing for all concerned so far.


Babylon Girls is a top performing London escort agency. We have been at the top of our sector for many years. When you search for London escorts on Google you will find us right there on the first page of results, mostly at the very top. So you see, if we stop taking bookings, we are doing all we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19, despite what other agencies are doing. Whilst we did not expect to set a standard from which other agencies would take their lead, we did rather hope to discourage others from doing business during this precarious time.

Reviewing the situation

We are constantly reviewing the situation here in the city. We are in London and we know what the feeling on the street is like. We know that people are sick and tired of staying in, but we also know that people are scared and concerned about what the next move should be. The government will be continuing to provide instructions to the nation, and as an escort agency, we must interpret those instructions in the best way possible. There is no direct guidance available to us in this sector. We can’t possibly categorise ourselves in the entertainment or hospitality sector, or any other for that matter, because it’s very different. One to one interactions with an escort are extremely far removed from dining in a crowded restaurant or having cocktails in a bar.

At this point, we expect that when we begin to consider opening, we will do it in careful steps, hopefully with clear guidelines. What these will be is unknown for the time being. For instance, it could probably be better to operate an incall only service in the initial weeks, to prevent girls going out to apartments and other homes in the city. Escorting is certainly a job they can do from home, but it does depend on their clients coming to them. If the government has decided that people who can’t work from home can go back to work, some of these people will soon want to indulge in London escort services.

Email us with your ideas too, we’re always keen to hear from you.

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