What makes a high class model escort?

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What makes a high class model escort?

This is a question that has plagued hobbyists and agencies alike for a long time. It’s not an easy answer either. When you talk about class, and then discuss what is high and low, you enter the arena of the subjective, and everyone’s opinion is different. It has to be simplified for the purpose of high class model categorisation on a website such as ours though. So how do we do it?

Price is usually a deciding factor

Let’s face it and stop pretending otherwise. Price is usually one of the main reasons they make it into this gallery. You will rarely see girls for £200 or less in the high class escort gallery. But if this is the case, we should ask what drives the price up for these girls. Is it because they are high class? And what does that mean?

Sadly for us, we are not always able to determine whether or not a girl just wants to charge a lot for her services. Her fee may well have nothing to do with her level of service, but this is not something we have any control over. You can trust in the fact that if we do discover that a girl at the agency is charging these “high class” rates, but not really offering her clients a good service, she will not remain in that gallery.

The vast majority of the time, the reason they are in this gallery is because they are indeed high class. And to answer the other question, and we do have a definition for you. The reason these girls are often a little more expensive that others is that they are highly capable and versatile for a variety of different dates. They are incredibly well presented, most of them have significant experience with very high end clients, and often in other regions of the world. They don’t have to be < a href=/age/mature-london-escorts/>mature escorts to have a more desirable level of experience. These girls have dined in the finest restaurants, they’ve entertained at an incredibly high level, and they are very reliable. But you mustn’t let this intimidate you, if you are perhaps new to escorting. They are among the gentlest and most considerate girls you could book to. We suppose that we could call them “the best,” but we tend to avoid such a labels because what one person thinks is wonderful, another does not. It’s entirely subjective in that respect. We refer here only to the skills they have acquired, and the somewhat natural ability to fit with this career.

Genuine love of their career

A high end escort will also have a genuine adoration for her career. Not least of all because it allows her such a luxurious lifestyle of course, but that’s not enough. These ladies love the company of men, so much so that they need the variety and choice in their lives. They are not the type of girls that will settle with one man, yet they can still give themselves so completely to each of their clients as though they were the only man on the face of the earth. It really couldn’t be faked to be honest with you, it’s a natural love and ability

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