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What is it about all the Redhead Escorts in London

What is it About Redhead Escorts?

We’re said it before, and we’ll say it again, we have someone for everyone here at Babylon Girls. It doesn’t matter what type of woman “floats your boat,” you will be able to find her right here in our pages. Today we’re talking about redheaded girls, and what it is about them that really gets your motor running. You might like blonde escort models too, or you may like the occasional brunette, but the redheads have something special, don’t they?

We see so many girls that it’s often hard to keep up with them all, but even we have to confess that when a redhead escort model shows up in our applications, we are inclined to remember her more. It could be because there aren’t that many of them, sure. But it could also be something far more aesthetic when it comes to putting them on the website. When you look at a page of blonde models, there are so many different shades of blonde and so many girls, that the whole gallery doesn’t really “stand out,” so to speak. When you look at a gallery full of redheaded girls, it’s like they are in some kind of uniform, it’s just so pleasing to look at a group – however small – of ginger haired escorts. Go ahead and have a look, we’re sure you will agree.

Redhead Escort Attributes

Now, obviously girls change their hair colour all the time. It doesn’t matter what their original colours are, if they want to have red hair, they can if they want. But with redheads, you can always seem to tell. And just because an escort has ginger hair, it does not mean that she has all the attributes so often associated with a redhead. And yes, before you ask, this is a real thing. Trust us, we would know (as we’re sure many of our redhead escort fans out there would agree!) So, what are those attributes?

It is widely believed that red haired girls are somehow more “fiery,” for want of a better word, than other girls. Whilst there are many out there that would like to debunk this theory, like the common belief that blondes are somehow less intelligent, it’s actually quite accurate. Naturally red headed girls do tend to be fierier. In fact, let’s say passionate, it’s much better. This makes them passionate lovers, who are often more inclined to be experimental, impulsive and overall sexually liberated. You will soon discover that most of the redheads we represent, also claim to enjoy many different kinks and fetishes. For example, these are the girls that are far more likely to enjoy deep French kissing, or roleplaying etc. And when a redhead commits to a role, or any fetish related act, she really commits!

Along with this passion in everything they do, these delightful London escorts are also supremely confident. Perhaps it’s because they are indeed a rare species these days, or maybe it’s just in their genetic code or something, but they really are very confident women. We suppose it must have something to do with being in the spotlight a lot. It’s not as though a ginger haired person goes unnoticed is it? Apparently, according to Jacky Colliss – who wrote Red: A History of the Redhead – only 2% of the world’s population are naturally ginger. So you see, something this rare will always get lots of attention. This will explain why we never seem to have that many too sadly.

A Word of Warning

Like most of the Brazilian escort models (who ironically often make up a large number of our redhead escorts), it’s worth noting that passion is not only reserved for the bedroom. These girls are passionate about everything. And that includes when they get pissed off! Don’t expect a red head to hold back if you have irritated her, or she’s not happy about something; she will almost certainly make it known to you. At least you know where you stand with one of these girls, right? You take the good with the bad (but don’t worry, it’s mostly good!) If you take anything away from what we’re saying here, make sure it’s to never intentionally annoy one of these girls.

Someone for Everyone

And remember, whether it’s brunette escort models, blondes or the fabulous redheads you like, we have someone for everyone here at Babylon Girls. The girls are available mostly 24 hours a day, and you can book them all for incall or outcall services. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact one of our talented and extremely knowledgeable receptionists. We are always happy to help!

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