Working remotely during Corona Virus: top three challenges

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Tips for home working Working remotely during Corona Virus: top three challenges

Well, most of you can. London escorts may have a lot of skills, but working remotely is not among them we’re sad to say. During this UK lock down, Babylon Girls don’t have too much to do. We take care of the website and a lot of other behind the scenes stuff that wouldn’t interest you, but we are able to offer out thoughts through this new blog, so hopefully you’ll appreciate them.

Today we’re talking about the challenges you must face when you decide to work from home. It’s not an ideal situation, we can all agree, but it’s necessary now. Although it’s going to be far from perfect if you have family around and you are surrounded by distraction, rather than motivation, there are ways you can overcome.

Video conferencing

Everyone remembers what was arguably one of the first video bombs to go viral, before the Corona Virus pandemic. The poor news reporter had his children casually walk in behind him and his panicked wife rushes to get them out of the way so the report can continue. This may not happen to you of course, but the chances are much higher than you would imagine considering that your children – if you have them – must also stay home.



Three things to remember here: bandwidth, security and preparation. Security in the sense that wherever you are in the house, you need to make sure you can lock the door. Or at least ensure that everyone in the home knows what you are doing and that you are unavailable for a predetermined amount of time.

Finally, you may not think that appearance is important, but it really is. You will notice that the man in that video is not sitting in his pants and a t-shirt he’s been wearing for three days. His hair is nicely groomed, and he looks professional. If you do have to video conference with anyone, always appear as though you have made an effort, it says a lot about your character. It also helps you to maintain good personal hygiene and habits during this lockdown. It’s too tempting not to make the effort.

Then of course there is the issue of bandwidth. If you are sharing the home with a number of teenagers, you need a pretty good broadband connection. If you are planning a very important video conferencing call, you don’t want the kids in the house to be playing online games at the same time. This could lead to your video crashing or other connectivity issues.

Switching off

Knowing when to switch off is just as important as knowing when to switch on. A routine is incredibly important, especially if you’re going to be working from home for some time. When you work at home you can easily slip into a habit of working whenever it’s possible. This isn’t always the best way of doing it. It’s better to set yourself strict working hours and stick to them. Even if you don’t accomplish what you had hoped during your working day, you can make up for it the following day. Eventually a balance will form and you will become more productive.

Although it’s important to have a place to work, as long as you are sticking to your working hours, it doesn’t really matter too much. You could take a laptop to your bed, if you are disciplined enough not to fall asleep, this is fine. Let’s face it, it’s hard to work in a home with others who may need to use the same spaces as you.

If you don’t stick to a routing of working hours, you will exhaust yourself. This is because you don’t really have a “switch off” time. You will be tempted to just finish off that last task, or start another if you’re a little bored. Finding yourself something to do that’s relaxing or focuses your attention elsewhere is very important when you’re a homeworker.


Arguably one of the biggest challenges for a home worker. The temptation to play a video game, or browse Facebook when you’re supposed to be working is overwhelming for some. This is particularly so if you were the type of person who would do these things when you got home from work anyway. Now temptation is in the way all the time. You’re also in your home, so you could be tempted to do anything rather than what you should be doing. Polishing the floors or the kitchen counters suddenly becomes more appealing than finishing that report that your boss is really keen to have handed in.

A solution for this is never easy to find, and it depends vastly on the individual. What we suggest primarily is to not stress yourself out about it. Know that it’s necessary to find a good balance and stay away from distraction, yet be aware that you need to focus. This is perhaps very new to you, so you need to be forgiving and allow yourself the occasional distraction. You could time yourself when you get distracted, rather than fight it. If you suddenly get the urge to go on Facebook for example, set a timer on your phone for ten minutes, then get back to it. Eventually you won’t do it, hopefully because the demand for your work will outweigh your need to procrastinate.

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