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The Changing Times for London Escorts

The Times They are a Changing

There are some clearly obvious changes in the escort business in recent years, and it has caused us to reflect a little on how and why these trends have come to pass over the years. Babylon Girls has been here for a long time, and we intend to be here for a lot longer. When you’re a top agency in London, you get all the girls, from all over the world. But why do we see waves of different nationalities at different times over the years. Let’s have a little look at this and perhaps find out more. Maybe, if you have been a hobbyist for a long time, you will recognise some of the trends that have come and gone over the years.

European Renaissance

Back when we started out, there was a massive influx of eastern European escort girls coming to London. This was a very welcome wave of talent indeed. We saw many wonderful girls coming to the city, and we remain friends with many of them to this day. Some made their homes and a fresh life here in London and the rest of the UK. But that was when we were part of Europe of course. Now times are changing. There are still plenty of these European girls in London, but they are perhaps these days losing ground to the Russians and lately the Brazilians.

The Ruskies!

Following the Europeans, hot on their heels came those adorable Russian girls. And we all know how welcome they were when they arrived. They made so many of you guys feel like Kings, and many of you are now hardened Russian escort fans and refuse to book anything else. It’s not surprising, since they are very good at what they do. They have a naturally sensual and highly sexed aura around them, that we can’t quite explain. Perhaps they’re not getting what they need from Russian men? (we’re kidding of course, don’t send complaints!) We rarely get any bad feedback for a Russian girl. They seem as though they are literally built for the London escort business.

Brazilian Invasion?

You know what? We cannot deny that there has been a massive increase in the number of Brazilian escort girls coming to London, but we won’t for a moment complain about it! We have always been a highly inclusive agency here at Babylon Girls. And this is nothing new to us, considering how long we have been in business. Our agency has spanned nearly two whole decades and as we have outlined already, in that time we have seen a few trends in the escort business. What we are wondering, is whether or not this will be just a trend, or are the Latinas here for good? We sincerely hope so!

Stay Tuned!

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