The girls have missed you too

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Escort Girls have missed you

The girls have missed you too

It will not come as a surprise to those of you who have recently seen one of the girls from Babylon of course. We are certain that their level of enthusiasm has been to your liking. The girls have genuinely missed your company. And it’s not just the money either, although times have been a bit tough for some of them. They miss a whole lot more than your money.

So far 2020 has destroyed many lives, levelled businesses and left some people not know what to do. But we shouldn’t forget the impact that this has had on our emotional well-being either. We’re sure you have all read plenty about PTSD related to Covid-19, and some of you may well be bored by it all, but it’s worth a thought. We know for a fact that some of the girls have been very down and very lonely. Some of them came to London to meet people and pursue a better way of life for themselves. Then they’ve been left unable to see their clients, and even the few friends they may have over here too. Some of them bravely came to the UK without knowing a single person. Imagine just how lonely they have been over the last four months.

Be thoughtful with your London escorts

We thought it might be a good time to politely request that you keep this in mind when you book one of the lovely escorts at Babylon Girls. We know that mostly you’re all very respectful and kind, but it’s just good to understand exactly what these girls have been going through and some of them are continuing to battle.

Whilst we are positive that all the girls are happy to be back working and seeing their clients again (and we have checked), we do know that there will be anxieties. Anxieties surround the Covid-19 situation. We suppose it’s similar in many ways to what some of you may feel if you go to the supermarket and see people failing to social distance and so on. When you think of this from an escort’s point of view, she may well have some anxiety about whether they may catch Corona Virus. We understand the same anxieties exist for you too.

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What are the risks?

It’s important to understand at this point that we are not “downplaying” the virus. However, we do think that it’s important to keep up to date with as many facts as we can. At Babylon Girls we will only ever give you data that we know to be true ourselves, or share opinion and facts presented by the government. It’s not our job to speculate, or to attempt to coerce you into doing something dangerous.

So far, we have had no reported cases of Covid-19 infection in any of the girls we represent. We though it important to make you aware of this. The government have now allowed hairdressers to operate, and they’ve opened bars, restaurants and pubs. So, the facts are there to see. There must be a significantly lower risk of getting Covid-19 if they have taken these steps. You have probably already been out for a pint with friends and family, and been in contact with more people than you would on an escort booking. We have to be honest.

We remained closed for months during this, and we feel that it’s much safer to continue business as usual. No-one is 100% safe from the virus whilst there is no cure, but we cannot put our lives on hold until this happens. We must find a way to carry on. The girls are desperate to get back to work, and we are sure you are desperate to see them. We would ask you however, if you or anyone you associate with gets symptoms of Corona Virus, please do not book an escort. Protection Status
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