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Best Escort Girls in the United Kingdom Are in London

The Best Escorts in the UK

We have been doing a little research over the past few days, and it has become very clear that the UK is severely lacking in quality escorts everywhere except London. The information is there for anyone to see really. If you were to go to Adultwork for example and do a local search for escorts in your area, you would yield a woeful amount of quality girls. It’s only really when you begin to enter the London postcodes that you begin to get more girls; not only more, much better also.

Even the most cursory look at valuable forums found on hobbyist websites like Punternet, say the same thing. They are constantly complaining about the quality and choice of girls elsewhere in the UK. There are avid punters on those forums that are already waiting to get themselves to London; looking for reasons to come to disguise their intentions, or saving up money etc. They all realise that London is the best place in the UK to book escorts, it’s only a matter of time until they get here!

Even agencies in cities like Manchester, Birmingham and others don’t have a whole lot of quality girls. Not only that, but they also tend to be parlours, or mostly outcall services. So, unless you want to go to a seedy (illegal) brothel that everyone in town knows about, and try to hide your face as you go in, you don’t have a lot of choice.

The Independent Escort Issue

When we talk about websites like Adultwork etc. it raises even more issues. And these issues are even more common outside of London in the rest of the UK. The independent girls that advertise on there, are not always what they seem to be. Verification aside (which can easily be manipulated), you never know if the girl you see online is actually going to be the girl behind the door. It’s never guaranteed, and there is a lot of “bait and switch” going on. The beauty of booking through a reputable agency of course, is that bait and switch cannot happen; it’s immediately reported to the agency and the girl’s profile is removed.

There is also the issue of human trafficking to consider. If you see girls on these huge directories, from different countries, and their profiles and services are written in excellent English, chances are that she is being controlled by someone else who is handling her bookings. It’s not definite, but it’s certainly something that you should try to avoid. This is especially likely for escorts from Eastern Europe.

So, our advice for anyone looking for good escorts in the UK, is to come to London. When you arrive and you see one of the girls from our agency (or some of the other top agencies), you will soon discover that the girls you have been seeing (and driving miles to get to) are simply substandard in comparison.

On top of that, London offers you anonymity. This is especially true if you’re not from here. Which is why London is the top choice for travelling hobbyists. You never get an escort enthusiast travelling up to Manchester for the weekend to try out the escorts there! Why would they bother when they have more choice than anywhere else in the country – or indeed the world!

London Has Choice

There are thousands of escorts in London at any one time, and they come from all over the world. You are indeed spoiled for choice when you come here. Our agency alone often has up to and above 200 girls to choose from. We have girls from all over South America, escorts from Russia and Ukraine, and the whole rest of Europe.

Not That Expensive

It’s not that expensive to come to London either these days. When you consider all the time and money you waste on seeing crappy girls in crappy places, you might as well use that money to buy a train ticket and a cheap hotel for the night. We’re sure you can manage to see a few girls during your visit also, so isn’t it time that you saved up a bit of money, and had yourself a naughty weekend break? You can always find deals online for hotels, right in the heart of the action. Or indeed the heart of escort activity! For example, there are lots of hotels and apartment rentals in the W2 area of London, where you will find loads of Paddington, and Bayswater escort girls.

Book From Agencies

You don’t even have to book from Babylon Girls if you don’t want to, just choose a reputable agency. An agency will have real girls, with real images, and they will usually be very trustworthy. You can often be connected with a talented receptionist who will know the girls personally, and know much more information about them should you want to ask. It’s just a whole new level for your escort hobby to be honest; it’s like nothing you have experienced elsewhere in the UK.

Sadly, when you book independent girls from websites like Adultwork, you open yourself up for the pitfalls we mentioned earlier. There is zero accountability for these girls, and you literally never know what you are going to get. If you insist on booking an independent girl (or alleged independent) from these websites, at least look for one with a lot of positive feedback.

As always, if you want any more information about our agency, or the girls we represent, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help you with any reasonable request, and we can always point you in the direction of the very best girls in London. Protection Status
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