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Stay in touch with Babylon Girls

It’s very important to us to keep in touch with our clients, and our new blog allows us to do so. It’s a very trying time for everyone at the moment, with the extension of the lockdown here in London and the rest of the UK, everyone is under pressure to make ends meet. On top of that we all must take care of ourselves, our loved ones and the NHS. We are so very lucky to have such a wonderful health service here in the UK, we hope that as a nation we can all hold it together, so we don’t put too much extra pressure on them. There have already been far too many losses due to this pandemic and our prayers are with the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones.

We know that you are having a tough time, and we also know that you are missing the company of our London escort girls. They are missing you too of course, make no mistake about it. It’s difficult for those girls who are stuck here in London with no real income. We are hoping that they have made some form of contingency plan, or they have been prudent enough to put some money by for emergencies. There’s one thing for sure, they will be very happy to see you as soon as we reopen.

take care of the loves ones

We miss you!

We are positive that every escort agency says this, or at least they would if they could communicate it to their clients. But we can’t stress just how much we mean it. Some complain about their clients. They say they’re difficult, or it’s hard work, or they’re tired of answering the phone and so on, but we can honestly say that we don’t. From the bottom of our hearts, we really miss taking your calls and messages

It only seems like yesterday when we started to take our first calls, and we still have as much energy and enthusiasm for the business as we always have. There’s nothing more important to us than our clients, so we are quite naturally worried at times like this. We worry that we may lose touch with you, probably more than we worry about coming out of the other side of this crisis in a position to continue offering our escort service. On that subject, we want to make it clear to you all that we will still be here when this is over. We will still have some of the finest ladies from around the world to entertain you. Babylon Girls has been a big player in the escort business for a long time. We are not about to let you down, we are not about to let the girls down!

Here for the girls

Whilst we can’t do a lot to help the girls at this current moment in time, we are still here for them when everyone is able to work again. There may be a few agencies in London that can’t continue, and this reduces the amount of representation the girls can have. All those beautiful Russian escorts are going to need somewhere to list their service. As well as all those girls from across the globe of course. We’re very much looking forward to the world opening up for business again, in every way.

And all the girls that come to London to offer escort services all know that Babylon Girls is the place to list. You see, what they don’t know, and what you probably don’t know either, is that we do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure we are the agency people find when they search for what they want. It takes a lot of work and a highly dedicated and motivated team to get to the top of the search results in Google when you type “London escorts,” but we will be there! We do not need the girls to know how we do it (or anyone for that matter), they just need to know we’re there!

If you’re looking for a career in escorting, apply to Babylon Girls. We can look forward to a bright future together!

Talk to Babylon Girls

Whilst our receptionists may not be taking your calls, we are still here, and we’re still reading our emails, so we would like to extend the opportunity for you to keep in touch with us.

  • Tell us how you’re handling this global pandemic
  • Tell us what you’re doing to keep occupied
  • Tell us what you miss most about your escort hobby
  • Share one of your experiences with a Babylon Girl
  • Tell us what you like about Babylon Girls, or what you would like to change
These are just a few idea of course, but whatever you’d like to ask or share with us, simply email us. We will be very happy to hear from you.


Please stay happy, stay healthy, stay home and protect the NHS

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